Here’s Proof That the Major Labels Own a Piece of Spotify…

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On April 1st, 2014, we ‘reported‘ that Google was planning to buy Spotify for $4.1 billion.  This was the reaction inside Sony Music Entertainment…


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Image: ‘The Story of the Recorded Word,’ from the New York Public Library Main Building: McGraw Rotunda.


14 Responses

    • yaniu

      Everybody knows major labels own tech companies. That’s how they really make money.

      Majors keep streaming rates low so they don’t have to pay artists much, then when/if a service like Spotify or Beats gets sold, majors make money on the sale as well. Majors also take huge advances on the front end from tech companies. So, majors cover themselves on front end, back end, and in the middle with low streaming rates.

      Why do you think majors push streaming so much? Duh.

  1. GGG

    Sweet mother of god.

    The fact that anyone at a major label took an article on DMN about Spotify seriously, let alone one on April 1, should absolutely be grounds for a firing, for the sake of the music industry.

    • Assasinate DMN

      All of these labels execs read this sorry piece of crap led by Ari and Paul, and believe all the bullshit. Why are Sony and the UMG and WMG demanding that Spotify go paid and close free? Yeah you’re catching on now.

      • GGG

        Catching on to what? That parts of giant conglomerates just want to make as much money as possible? Yea, sorry, I’ve been caught on to that since probably before Spotify was even an idea in Ek’s head.

        That’s beside my point that people this gullible/stupid should not be in any position of power.

  2. Wooly

    I wonder if any of those folks will make the next publication of Executive Shuffle on DMN.

  3. jw

    And people wonder why the industry is in the shitter.

    People really wonder.

  4. invisible mandelbrot

    Search further…what’s more disturbing is media execs personally investing in the tech companies they are suppose to be negotiating with.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. I didn’t know such a well known fact required “proof” such as this.

      Incredibly asinine click bait.

      Please don’t dumb yourself down into irrelevance, Paul. Ok thanks bye.

  5. EHB

    So in hindsight if , Spotify , is worth more than the entire music industry , then the digital music landscape has created a ‘ Matrix ‘ virtual music industry and that is an eXclusive on digital music news in terms on where we stand and intend on moving out further. . .I would have chosen the word morphed; but not everybody in the industry is financially on board in terms of equity and fair share. . .

  6. Name2

    DMN’s 15 minutes of fame probably came from a Google Alert.