With the Apple Watch You Can Get Live Lyrics, Buy Concert Tix, and DJ

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The Apple Watch has begun to ship, and the first users are receiving their devices.

We know the device can display messages and emails and take phone calls, but what can it do for music? Here’s a few interesting third party apps that are available.


The SoundHound app will recognize songs that are playing with one tap, just like Shazam, but it will also show lyrics in real time. Users can collect songs and scroll through the list on their device.

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The new Bandsintown app pushes time sensitive concert dates and ticket links to the watch. When an artist announces tour dates their followers will get a notification on their wrist, allowing them to decide if they’re “Going” or “Interested”. Users can also dismiss the notifications.

The app will also show users the day’s most popular concert in the nearby area. There’s also a list of popular upcoming events.

Each event includes a link to purchase tickets.

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djay’s new app allows users to control the djay iOS app from their watch. Users can browse their iTunes library, cue and mix tracks, create loops, and use effects from their wrist. There’s also an automix feature that automatically mixes songs from both iTunes and Spotify.

I don’t think the app will catch on among DJs, as djay is more of an app for casual listeners that want to experiment.   But it’s interesting to see the Apple Watch being used as a music-making device.


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  1. Versus

    No, thank you.
    The iPhone screen is already too small for those with less than perfect vision.
    This is a microscopic GUI.

  2. Lyricsted

    Incredible how far we have come but I still wonder isn’t it too hard to read the lyrics on a tiny screen. Sure, it’s got the ability to show lyrics in real time but it’s much difficult. I do like being able to play the music on it and using SoundHound.