Here Are Some More #TidalFacts…

This twitter account originally had the handle @TIDALFacts, something Jay-Z didn’t think to grab BEFORE he made it a hashtag.




8 Responses

  1. what?

    You know this is from a satirical twitter account right? May want to inform your readers of that first…

    • Anonymous

      This is funny, though:

      “Artists receive $0.0000000002 per stream instead of $0.0000000001.”

      In a depressing kind of way, of course. 🙁

    • GGG

      If any readers don’t realize this is satire, they’ve got more pressing matters to worry about than the state of the music industry…

  2. Anonymous

    Love that the Tidal crew are too shortsighted to even check on whether or not @tidalfacts was available before blasting the hashtag out there

  3. R.P.

    from an insider: Tidal only has 77k subscribers. The media mistakenly added the extra 0 and Jay Z told everyone to let the public believe that because it would look good for them and might get more ppl interested.

  4. anonymous

    Tidalfact= Tidal is not keeping redundant positions around. The rhapsody merger is good for the starf*cker board of directors only. So boring people. So so boring.