Live Nation Acquires Bonnaroo. May Large Indie Festivals Rest In Peace.

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Live Nation has acquired a controlling interest in Bonnaroo, which means the festival is no longer independent.

Until now, Bonnaroo has solely been run by founding partners Superfly and AC Entertainment. These founding partners will continue to run the festival’s day-to-day operations, they just have to answer to Live Nation now.

Additionally, Live Nation now owns part of Bonnaroo’s venue, nicknamed ‘The Farm’. Live Nation says they will invest in the property to “enhance” it.

This follows Live Nation’s acquisition of a controlling interest in C3 Presents in late 2014. C3 is behind Austin City Limits, Lollapalooza, CounterPoint, and other festivals.

Michael Rapino, Live Nation CEO and President, says:

“We continue to expand the industry’s most unparalleled and scalable festival platform all while driving strong revenue and growth for Live Nation on a global basis. Bonnaroo is another crown jewel in this festival channel strategy, one that appeals to both fans and artists in uniqueness and experience.”


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6 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    Be interesting or depressing to see what happens to the line-up.

    • GGG

      As long as they don’t start stacking the undercard with shitty major label pop acts and replace all the acts that basically make their living perpetually on tour and on the festival circuit, I don’t think they can ruin it too badly. Though, just watch, I bet you we see some garbage like 5 Seconds of Summer (to name a random pop/rock act I know little about) or something of their ilk start to sneak in next year…

      More corporate sponsors? Whatever, just don’t change the stage names, like to the Skittles What stage or something stupid. More mainstream headliners? I mean, they’ve kinda been there for a while now anyway. But at the same time, Billy Joel is still a better choice than Katy Perry or some shit.

      I’m assuming the bulk of changes, via their property comment, will be in structural things since they own the land outright now. Some sort of ultra lux VIP “houses” you can rent for some ungodly price or something.

  2. Uniqueness and experience...

    I’ve been to Bonnaroo the past two years and might go again this year. The festival is unique. Even when the lineup isn’t great, the people are so chill. Everyone has “good vibes” and is “radiating positivity.” I don’t think corporate will be terrible…. However, the veteran rooers that bitch every year about how corporate roo is becoming will now actually have something to bitch about. I don’t think roo will lose the sorority girl in an Indian headdress but they might lose some of the veterans.