A Russian Official Thinks U2 Is Spreading Gay Propaganda

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Remember when a Russian concert promoter was fined because a Lady Gaga concert “promoted homosexuality and alcohol consumption to minors”?

Remember when less than three months later Russia had t.A.T.u. play the Olympics opening ceremony? t.A.T.u.’s entire deal was pretending to be lesbian. I guess the Russian government is cool with being gay for pay. It also helps that one the group’s members is actually homophobic.

Well, U2 is the Russian government’s next target.

Alexander Starovoitov, a State Duma deputy, says U2’s Songs of Innocence is gay propaganda. The album cover features drummer Larry Muller Jr. hugging his son.

Starovoitov wants an investigation launched against Apple, since Apple automatically pushed the album to iPhones.


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  1. Versus

    That cover does look like that.
    Now that it comes out that he is hugging his son, it now just looks creepy and pervy.