The Music Industry: It’s Not Always This Glamorous…


Photo by Geoff Barrow of Portishead.

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    Interesting. It’s the same as it ever was. Plenty of bands had to drive around to their gigs, heck even Ice T sold Ep’s out of the back of his Car. All the crying about the new music business is getting old. Either learn to make money as a full time “Music Man” or learn more skills that will allow you to earn money and also allow you to be a MUSIC MAN. The industry is not going back to the “way it was”. Adopt or die out.

    Sometimes I travel in my own car to gigs. Many times the promoters fly me, put me up in hotel, give a ‘driver’ who is part of the promotion group to take me to and from the event. It is what it is.

  2. jw

    As usual, a little context would be helpful.

    Clearly this isn’t Portishead’s tour vehicle.

  3. Willis

    The music industry is only glamorous to those who are not in it.

    • Versus

      Which leads to a disastrous unintended consequence: Since those on the outside think that being in the “music industry” is all champagne and limousines, they can rationalize piracy as a kind of Robin Hood behavior.

      • Willis

        It doesn’t take any sort of validation for people to commit piracy. They just need desire and ability.

      • Anonymous

        only retards would think a band who’s had 3 and change records in 25 years that didn’t even sell incredibly well back then, with a 6 year hiatus in the middle, and moderate touring should be rolling around in a limo drinking champaign.