Your Song Is Getting Played On the Radio. Will You Get Paid?

It depends…

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Royalty payouts for recordings specifically (publishing (notes and lyrics) has a totally different payout). 

Infographic created by musicFIRST Coalition.  

11 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Terrestrial radio is an important source of income for songwriters, artists and performers in most civilized countries. It should be sued and shut down elsewhere.

      • Remi Swierczek

        European Radio doesn’t pay much but US FM & AM operators pays nothing!

        Time for the wellbeing of Radio and music industry convert Radio also TV and streaming to primitive discovery based music store.

        Radio stations and musicians will get unexpected boost as we create unavoidable $100B music industry.

  2. Rickshaw

    So, let me get this straight…everyone is up in arms about the low payment rate of streaming services, but terrestrial radio pays nothing and people are cool with that?

    • so

      Terrestrial, commercial radio is an absolute non-factor for the vast majority of artists and labels in the world, but everyone is affected by streaming services.

  3. Name

    They-do-it-and-so-should-we is not a valid argument for policy.

    Whether or not artists should be paid for terrestrial—like any issue—must be considered in accordance with its own merits or lack thereof.

  4. Robert J

    I’m with Rickshaw here. 34m streams is no different than 34m listeners on radio. This is easily achieved
    across the country during rush hour radio.

    • Anonymous

      Uh..yes, 34M interactive streams is VASTLY different than 34M listeners on radio. One is 34M plays, the other probably a couple hundred.

  5. Charliebird

    This is only in the US…. right? what about the Rome Convention?

    • Do the math

      Z100 (NY) has 1,475,700 listens per weekday from 6am-7pm. For simplicity, lets say a song that is good enough to get into rotation will spin at least one time per hour. Do the math, thats quite a bit more than “a couple hundred”.

      Of course terrestrial should pay.