Grooveshark Is Baaaaaaaaaaaack….

The clone, at, first surfaced Tuesday afternoon.  A group of ex-employees are claiming responsibility, and promising a completely-restored version this week…

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28 Responses

  1. jw


    This is a mp3skull-type site that just crawls the web for mp3s hosted elsewhere.

    Clever move for someone to come in & steal the branding. Doubt it will last long.

    But it’s obvious what’s happening here… where’s the caveat?

    • Anonymous

      Considering all Grooveshark IP is now owned by the major labels, it should die very quickly. Grooveshark is protected under trademark now owned by the major labels. They should be able to kill copycat sites fairly easily.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if Paul knew it was a MP3skull skin and wanted the clicks, or if he didn’t bother to look at it it for more than 30 seconds, like the source.

  2. Anonymous

    Just a friendly reminder. If you kill Spotify Free and Youtube Free, people will just flock to pirate sites. And instead of getting fractions of a cent you will get nothing.

    • FarePlay

      The Congress is going to have to come to terms with the laws governing piracy:

      Grooveshark was shut down, not because our legal system had the necessary laws in place to effectively protect copyright holders, but rather, on a technicality. In their desire to grow their illegal enterprise faster, two of the principals from Grooveshark had instructed their employees to perform illegal activities, leaving a paper trail behind that led to their admission of guilt.

      In the don’t ask, don’t tell world of copyright enforcement they had committed the crime of asking their own employees to upload copyrighted songs.

    • Me2

      Guess we’ll find out if that plays in 2015.

    • Versus

      That is why the other half of any plan for progress requires stopping piracy.

      This requires a combination of legal enforcement, with ethical education designed to instill a conscience (remember that old word?), by parents, teachers, and peers, who also teach by example.

      • wallow-T

        translated Versus: to save the music industry, all we need is a better class of humans. 🙂

        Or, to restate music biz’s new marketing slogan: “Remember, kids! You’re better off when you listen to less music!!”

      • Solution to piracy


      • PiratesWinLOL

        Patience, people.

        I know it can be hard to wait, but as the article said, it will be fully restored at some point during this week.

        • Anonymous

          Try not to go through life as a complete douche, mkay?

  3. DavidB

    I’d be surprised if the labels’ settlement with Grooveshark doesn’t include a clause requiring the latter to take action against anyone attempting to revive its brand.

  4. Rickshaw

    Hardly back. That’s like calling my 1969 Mustang the latest iteration of Grooveshark.

  5. Nissl

    I’ve seen this sort of thing happen several times in the past after a media distribution site gets shut down due to legal action. Generally the second generation site doesn’t stick around for very long.

  6. JTVDigital

    This is definitely a mp3skull-type service, nothing to worry about really.
    None of the Grooveshark data is in there, search results only link to files hosted elsewhere on illegal sites…

  7. David lowery

    Awesome MP3 skull/ ex Grooveshark employees(?)just crossed into RICO land. Totally nailed a well established predicate. Too bad we don’t actually have a Department of Justice that gives a fuck about creators.