Is Now a Globally-Ranked Website…

This is happening just 6 days after was brutally ripped down, and two days after appeared in its place

Update: Friday morning, 8 am PT: is now ranked top 150,000 WW, and top 50,000 US.


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26 Responses

  1. Central Scrutinizer

    I just read that the real defendant/loser Grooveshark actually paid out $50 million to record labels. Will artists see any of that money?

    • Anonymous

      Just as always, the artists will see whatever money they’re owed from record sales. So if you’re so concerned for them, stop stealing their music.

      • Central Scutinizer

        “If you’re so concerned for them, stop stealing their music” Is that statement a factual assertion and not a rhetorical device?

        Because, I do pity the artist who signed a bad a contract And have some concern for those artists who complain about getting “ripped off” by evil record companies because they failed to understand the fine print.

        However I don’t steal their music or to use techno newspeak “share” their content

      • Steve

        Yeah my ass bleeds for a generation of a bunch of shitty untalented artists who sued limewire for 75 trillion dollars, and then got sued themselves for stealing Marvin Gayes music. 75 trillion ? lol They just want their fair share. Keep telling yourself that.

    • Tom

      There’s no way in hell Grooveshark ever had or paid across $50m. The only people that made any money at all there were their ad sales people- who took huge commissions as every sale was all margin

      Other than an EMI settlement years ago, which i don’t think Grooveshark ever actually paid in full, no labels of note ever got paid anything.

      Its a sad end note that the CEO and Chairman didn’t end up being personally prosecuted over this- the music industry has failed to set an example that might make others think twice before launching other pirate services- ergo

    • Plooker

      Universal probably paid Jenner 5-10 million since 2011 for the Grooveshark case. Depends on how much that bill got churned.

      The accounting isn’t creative. Artist contracts don’t participate in settlement payments. Ask Joe all about it.

      • Central Scrutinizer

        I like it.

        It was once said that in the future everyone will be a criminal. Nearly everyone has infringed someone else’s copyrights. That idea can be monetized and scaled to work as supplementary income for the music industry. Let venture capitalists bankroll tech startup that has as its business model large scale copyright infringement. Wait till capital investment reaches tipping point, sue tech startup, collect settlement, then don’t pay content creators/providers.

        I tried to ask Joe about it but they say he doesn’t work at UMRK anymore he got a good job in Silicon Valley

  2. FarePlay

    Until we deal with Safe Harbor and make changes to the take down process, adding a stay down provision, we have no viable means of bringing legal action against any of these sites. As it stands, every pirate site uses take down > repost to avoid prosecution.

    • Anonymous

      They also do things like host in countries where US law doesn’t apply. Some countries you have to go to a judge to ask for something to be taken down.

      • Anonymous

        U.S. Law should apply, and be enforced everywhere. It is awesome!

        • Isaac

          Lol. Your a idiot. It’s U.S LAW, not international law, many pirate sites are from other countries like Russia and China. The U.S has no jurisdiction in those countries. I wish it could, but it can, and with so many people using the Internet it’s almost impossible.

    • stunned

      dude you just blew my mind i didnt understand half of what the hell he just said about where in the future everyones a criminal and we have to hack that into society to change the moral code or something? my god!

  3. Rickshaw

    Earth to DMN…all websites have a global ranking.

  4. gober

    La lucha contra estas empresas ambiciosas que creen que son dueñas de tu playlist y pensamientos

  5. the jammer

    Umm, it keeps saying that the connection was refused, what does that mean? i would love to vistit new grooveshark if i ca resolve this issure