New Legislation Protects SF Venues From Lawsuits

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Noise complaints have been an issue for venues in San Francisco. According to SFGate, new legislation has been passed to protect music venues from potential lawsuits.

The legislation protects venues from a noise lawsuit if they are operating within the restrictions of their permit. Developers and the city would have to account for venues before building housing, and would have to notify new residents of the venue ahead of time.

Many venue owners and club employees showed their support for the measure. No developers showed up to oppose it.


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Image by Christian Bucad, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

One Response

  1. Sam

    I’m surprised that got passed. I’m sure they’ll just get around it by planting drugs in the venue or something. San Francisco has become such a piece of shit. A couple years it’ll just be a bunch of condos packed full of douchebags, and nothing else…stay tuned…