Study Reveals Top Drugs Used at Festivals…

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Study conducted by, spanning more than 3,622,365 Instagram posts with drug mentions across all major US-based festivals.

15 Responses

  1. Central Scutinizer

    Who pays drugabuse dotcom to conduct such a pointless “study”?

    • Anonymous

      You only posted this so you could make this comment, didn’t you? Be honest

      • Paul Resnikoff

        That was the only reason. It started with a comment idea, then I tried to see if there was a drug-related study pertaining to music in the last 24 hours. And wow! There it was.

  2. john

    thats what you get when u listens to anti drug motherfuckers, “Alchohol”

  3. H. S. Thompson

    Mescaline at only .2%!!!

    What is wrong with the youth today?

  4. Tim Gainer

    …and a publication centered on digital music and it’s related services needed to publish a report on drugs WHY!?

  5. Willis

    I would love to know exactly how this data was acquired and who they asked.

    • Bandit

      At the bottom it says something about snooping around Instagram posts. Real scientific

  6. crazydiamond

    They don’t mention what percentage don’t do any drugs……oh wait….

    • Bandit

      The folks that commission theses types of “studies” assume everyone at a music festival is on drugs

  7. ANON

    thats my blood type on an average saturday night

  8. Stark Hazard

    Alcohol made the list but nicotine didn’t? I was really excited to see this list until I realized that Oral contraceptives would have made the cut had someone posted it on Instagram. On the plus side, people are still having a blast. Sex, drugs, and music freedom baby!

  9. Devon

    This graph shows “what drugs are the people in our sample willing to Instagram at a music festival” not “what drugs are people doing at festivals”. Hugely likely that the less stigmatized drugs are over-represented. Also possible that people who Instagram their festival experience are not an accurate sample of the festival-going population.

    it was interesting that crack, DMT, and LSD were all the same percentage though. I’d expect greater incidence of LSD