Buy a Snoop Dogg Vaporizer and Get a Free Album…

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Snoop Dogg’s new album Bush is now out. Bush is Snoop’s 13th solo album, and he’s no longer going by “Snoop Lion”.

We all know that Snoop Dogg loves to smoke weed, but he already has his own line of vaporizers. So what type of cross-promotion is next?….

Another line of vaporizers!

Grenco Science has released the Snoop Dogg Bush G Pro Vaporizer and G Slim for plant-based marijuana.

The G Pro is $129.95 and comes with a digital download of the Bush album. It also comes with a flowerpot and “bush seeds” (no, they aren’t cannabis seeds).


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4 Responses

  1. mdti

    G. Bush Vaporizer ?? bad timing, almost 15 years too late ….

  2. Willis

    I would hope that this free giveaway album would not be counted toward sales figures. It only makes sense.

  3. Tammy (casper)

    Snoop I can’t seem to see ur caper page some black screen covers it. I am a medical user in Oregon for years noe. Regular pipe is killing me I make under $800 a month so hopefully in a few months I can save enough to buy ur vaper. Hard raising a kid but when I can save enough which wld u tell me as a beginner caper user to use. I have auto amune disease causing lots of pain so I need one that’s c he a per and put out all the the the plant has to offer. Hey my 15 year man and I love ur music if u even ever get this urself. Keep doing what ya doing brother. God Bless u and all of urs………..:-)

    • casper

      The top message was supposed to say vapor page sorry this phone put vaper not vapor. I guess I should learn to spell check. Lol