Spotify Is Rolling Out an Entirely New Service This Week…

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Spotify’s freemium model is definitely 100 percent totally working. That’s exactly why they’re offering three months of Premium for 99 cents, and it’s also why they’re rolling out an entirely new service.

According to CNBC, Spotify is rolling out a new service called Spotify Now on Wednesday.

The new service will have customized playlists based on activity and mood, which is something Spotify already has.

As far as new features…

There could be a fitness element that syncs music to your exercise pace. Spotify is also reportedly adding video to its service, allowing users to create playlists of video clips. These new features won’t necessarily go live on Wednesday, but they’re in the works

In June, Apple will be launching their music service with Beats Music’s technology. Sources say it will be called Apple Music.


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11 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    “Spotify is all the music you’ll ever need.”

    If you don’t need new music, of course. 🙂

    It’s like that old Ford remark: “You can have it any colour you like — as long as it’s black.”

    • Anonymous

      Epic case of false marketing.

      One million Swifties should sue Daniel Ek.

    • FarePlay

      Yeah, I caught that all the music you’ll ever need tagline. Every time I turn around I dislike them more.

      Next thing you know they’ll be in every Starbucks with playlists made up by the baristas, who got the service for free. No coincidence that Starbucks stopped selling CDs recently, now we know why it happened. I wonder if Starbucks got equity too.

      So here’s the question. We know by the timing that Spotify saw an opportunity to eliminate a channel for CD sales and seized the opportunity. So is this their latest strategy?

      • Anonymous

        yep Spotify killed CD sales. they were doing so well up until now. come on.

  2. Anonymous

    “Spotify Now”???


    Sounds like “Apocalypse Now”…

  3. T

    If songwriters’ worth is only 1% or 2% of rev. to Spotify, – why doesn’t Spoty save the 1% and not use songs. Then see how good spoty does.

    • Bad deal

      Well sounds like Spotify has a much better deal than Pandora… last year I read that their cost of music as almost 35% and were going nuts about how that was too much (Even though many brick and morter businesses only make a GP of 35%.) Sounds like Spotify wins out on that one too.

    • Wooly

      That’s not going to happen, and they know that. There will always be creative types who just want the distribution and potential promotion.

  4. R.P.

    just admit spotify won already, get over it, and head over to tidal for some bashing