WOW: The SoundCloud Apple Watch App Lets You Start and Stop Tracks

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The Apple Watch already shows you lyrics, show nearby concerts, and lets you DJ.

Now you can also control SoundCloud from your wrist. It’s not as fancy as some other apps, but it will get the job done.

When paired with the iPhone, the Apple Watch app will show you which tracks are playing, let you skip forward and backward, start and stop tracks, and like tracks by tapping firmly.


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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Where is free Apple watch Vevo? They overslept? Rio gone?
    With sound and video they have to outcompete such a primitive proposition.

  2. Anonymous

    Impressive…Pebble Smartwatches already offered this years ago for Spotify, Play Music etc.

  3. RickyLopez

    My current watch was pricey but it is 5 years old and I expect it to last (at least) another 5. The battery change was £150 and a 3 weeks to send away. Is there a debate on the when these watches will become obsolete?

  4. Willis

    Starting and stopping tracks…you mean like hitting pause on a cassette player? Wow, that is truly revolutionary.