Spotify Just Gave 150,000 Free Subscriptions to Starbucks Employees…

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Starbucks stopped selling CDs less than two months ago.  Now, they’ve moved on to a new relationship.

Spotify and Starbucks are teaming up for a multi-year partnership.

As part of the deal, of Starbucks’ 150,000 U.S. employees will receive free Spotify Premium accounts. In the fall, the coffee shop’s 7,000 U.S. locations will play Spotify music in-store.

…This is definitely part of Spotify’s ‘working freemium model,’ right?

Baristas will be able to choose the music that plays in-store. Customers will also be able to choose music through the Starbucks app, and playlists will also exist in the Spotify app.

Spotify subscribers will earn additional points through Starbucks’ rewards program.

This news comes right before Spotify’s Wednesday launch event, where they’re expected to announce a new service called Spotify Now.  So far, Spotify Now seems to have a lot of features that Spotify already has.


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22 Responses

  1. Business, man

    This headline could also read “Starbucks Pays Spotify A Bunch of Money For 150,000 Premium Accounts”.

    From the press release the details of the deal are opaque.

    • A Sbux Manager

      Except for the fact that spotify paid starbucks to be played in-store…lmao

  2. Tcooke

    Their coffee fucking sucks ass, and now i have look spotify logos when i go, shizz.

    • jw

      Starbucks isn’t the only place that sells coffee, you know. Or don’t you?

    • cpt obvy

      then maybe dont go there maybe? or did someone put a gun to your head and force you?

    • Addy

      Don’t punish the barista for whatever issue you have with whichever company.

      • Miffed Coffee Jockey

        Thank you Addy! If I were a more vindictive person I’d be inclined to make Mr. Pink the bitterest cup of bile under my barista belt.

    • Anonymous

      get a job and maybe u could actually afford to tip. I don’t know what starbucks you frequent, but the baristas work their asses off..

      • Mjohn65

        Damn straight , feel free to jump behind the counter and deal with assholes like that . They wouldn’t last 30 minutes

  3. Ed Jennings

    It pays to be a barista ;). I find this interesting in that Starbucks has its own nationwide network, Spotify rides it….Score one for Spotify. Will we see more partnerships like this as he types from McDonalds over Comcast….

  4. RIAA Thought Police

    Will Starbucks still pay BMI and ASCAP for the ability to stream music in-house or do they get out that by coat-tailing on to the paltry trickle-down amounts that Spotify pays to those services?

    • Hmmmmm

      That’s a good question.

      How is that three way structured?

  5. Rydn

    what the heck are you guys talking about, I work at Starbucks and I didn’t get a free spotify account, nor does my boss even acknowledge it is a real thing. Internet trolls everywhere.

    • hellofit

      I work at Starbucks, its a real thing. Its going to be effective soon, but probably not for the licensed stores.

      • Anonymous

        Our store is a part of the franchise yet we still haven’t gotten anything! :(

        • ZG3 Barista

          It is something that is going to be happening during the fall. Its to have the customers influence what is played at the stores they frequent. We as baristas think it is a great idea. And not for selfish reasons. For the fact that we can have our customers a more personal experience at starbucks. Part of our training is to Personalize and Connect with our customers on not just a transaction relationship but a personal relationship. Each of us is pushed to learn customers name. The customers who show up day in and day out. The customers who don’t just visit in the morning but also on their lunch breaks, on the weekends, on their way to work, on their way home. We want customers to keep coming. And help us branch out not just with their friends but in the community as well.

        • Partner

          If you work for a franchise location (i.e. a starbucks in a target, jewel, etc.) you may not be getting it. Generally at those locations you are a considered an employee of the host company.

  6. ZG3

    ZG3 ,sorry to say That was the old way , now it’s about speed and the customers no longer matter .