Need a Smart Case for your Smartphone? Skrillex and Google Have You Covered…

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Skrillex must be a pretty busy guy, between making music, DJing, touring, Jack Ü, pulling Full Flex Express together, OWSLA, and The NEST.

Well, apparently Skrillex found time to make phone cases and satellites!

Google has launched a new series of Android cases called Editions, and Skrillex is kicking it off.

The cases don’t just protect your phone, they connect with it. The case links to your phone to bring you extra Skrillex content and a live wallpaper that matches the case. During the day the wallpaper shows shots of the Earth taken from space. At night the wallpaper shows nearby constellations.

The pictures of Earth are taken with a satellite launched by Skrillex and Google. At the end of the mission a fan will win the satellite.

The case also comes with one free OWSLA album. Downside: Skrillex updates will be sent to your phone.

Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more: @nine_u