If You Don’t Apply to the EDMbiz Startup Contest, You’ve Already Lost…

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EDM is not only the fastest-growing music genre, it’s also a surging focus for startup development and growth.  With that in mind, EDMbiz Conference & Expo organizer Insomniac has teamed up with Digital Music News to create a serious startup competition, one designed to vet through the most promising startups in the space.

And, give them a serious opportunity to present in front of top investors.

It basically boils down to this: if you’re a serious music startup, you should seriously consider entering the EDMbiz 2015 Startup Contest.  It’s happening in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan on June 17th.

You can apply here through June 2nd.

Here’s how it works: we’re selecting 5 startups in the first round, all of whom will be invited to Vegas to make a serious pitch to some of the most influential investors and executives in the space (they’re heavyweights, but we’re announcing them later).  We’ll crown one winner after the presentations, though any semi-finalist can strike deals or court whatever financing they want.

Then, after the conference, Insomniac is kicking off Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), which of course will feature some of the softest, acoustic singer-songwriters in the world.

Now stop reading this article right now and apply!


4 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Why would I apply? You just told me I already lost.

  2. soniquariummuzika2

    EDM? Please, EDM is garbage. The real music of “Electronic” is going back underground. Let the Yupsters and Pop Followers chase after the EDM scene. Package it up and sell the dream at a conference, don’t forget to put up poster’s of the New Calvin model, supa star dj, Calvin Harris. and crew.. Also, make sure you sell a lot of candy and bright glowing bracelets at this event. LOL> now let me go get some rest, MOVEMENT fest took the most out of me.

  3. PeterPablo

    Looks like you guys cancelled it anyway. #fail