Shazam Visual Is Basically QR Codes for Selling Artist Merch…

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So far Shazam has been unprofitable, but they continue to raise massive amounts of money.

In recent past Shazam has added to ability to identify TV shows. Now they’re moving into the visual arena.

They’ve added “Visual Shazam”, allowing users to scan special artist images. Shazam will take users to a special page on the Merchbar app that has exclusive merch items, tickets, and more.

Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas are the first artists to use Visual Shazam to promote their upcoming tours.

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Edward Aten, Founder and CEO of Merchbar, says:

“…One of the reasons Visual Shazam is so exciting is it allows artists to tie materials to an online destination like Merchbar without marring their artwork with several social handles, website, other promo materials or QR codes. Visual Shazam works like magic to allow one call to action lead to an infinite range of unique experiences for fans – including the ability for simple access and purchase of tour merch from their seats or using merch as a trigger to give fans exclusive content.”


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more: @nine_u

7 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    Second biggest MUSIC PIMP on the planet Earth is entering to new chapter of cashless DIGITAL ACTIVITY!

    Is it new type of digital RELIGION? I would not anticipate any business activity.

    • Remi Swierczek

      Actually, MUSIC PIMP ONE, Google is pursuing same technology.
      IPO might not materialize for this 15 year old non-business music ventilator but there’s hope for ACQUISITION!

  2. GGG

    So? If my bands can sell merch easier, what’s the big deal?

    • Anonymous

      You’re bragging. It’s crappy environment out there and Shazam doesn’t help.

      • GGG

        Uh, how is that bragging?

        If you can make a point of sale on the thing people stare at 90% of their day even easier, how is that remotely a bad thing? If anything it makes the crappy environment better? Now people don’t even need to leave their seats during shows to buy shit. Or they can buy some shit the second they fall in love with a band.

        But please, tell me again how making money in any way besides selling CDs or full digital albums is bad. This site loves doing that.

        • Anonymous

          Lucky you for becoming show grade artist.
          Many brilliant musicians will never get there with current music industry status quo!

          • GGG

            If you’re a halfway decent at music you’re a “show grade artist.” There are plenty of ugly mother fuckers out there. Outside pop music, looks are pretty irrelevant. And if you can play, you’ll be able to put on an at least moderately enjoyable show.

            And anyway, if you’re making the argument that some people can’t or refuse to play shows for whatever reason, fine, but then how is selling merch from people’s phones a bad thing? It’s even better if it’s made this easy!

            Seriously, I have no idea what you’re talking about.