Creepy Avatar App ‘My Idol’ Is Now Being Used in Music Videos…

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Laura Burhenn is set to release her third album as The Mynabirds this fall via Saddle Creek.

Burhenn has done something pretty interested and unexpected to promote the album’s first single. She used My Idol to create the song’s lyric video.

If you’re unfamiliar, My Idol is a slightly creepy Chinese app that allows users to create avatars of themselves from a photo. The avatars can be inserted into different situations: motorcycle riding, singing, etc.

Burhenn created the lyric video herself, and kept the Chinese subtitles from the app. She says “it was pretty incredible how much the Chinese subtitles lined up with the actual song lyrics!“.


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  1. Eric H Bonner

    Don’t use me as no role model as handling business. Even though I’m the sole proprietor owner of my record label and publishing company; my lawyer told the federal judge I was so incompetent as the acting CEO I failed to realize that 50 corporations spanning 200 countries walked out my home office with 238 different world wide licenses and no body got my signature. At the time I was struggling with schizophrenia; the TV set kept bringing me messages from the FBI. . .

  2. Jughead

    The video is considerably better than the song.