Updated: Apple Says Artists Should be Paid, Then Asks for Free Licensing

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Updated 06/01/15 3:40 PM PST

It looks like Jay-Z was speaking pretty literally during his TIDAL B-Sides freestyle

I don’t take no checks I take my respect
Pharrell even told me go with the safest bet
Jimmy Iovine offered a safety net 

You know I came in this game independent, right?
TIDAL, my own label, same difference
Oh n**gas is skeptical when it’s they own shit
You bought nine iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich

The New York Post is reporting that Apple and Jimmy Iovine stole prospective founders away from TIDAL within two days of the launch.

They say Drake is negotiating a deal worth $19 million with Apple’s music service. The deal would have Drake DJing for iTunes Radio and more. However, a Billboard source has refuted the report.

They say that Pharrell and David Guetta are also in talks with Apple. Billboard reports that Pharrell and Drake will be at Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference.

Apple is reportedly asking labels to let them use their music for free during the three month Apple Music trial period. They also want to offer lyrics on their service, but don’t want to pay to license them.


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8 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Somebody wake me up when Apple even begins to talk to independents* about this streaming service. I’m pretty sure a number of independents will go under with no revenue for a quarter, so it’s a good** thing the majors get to decide those terms for us.

    *”talk to independents” here meaning “tell the independents what they will get and that they have no opportunity to negotiate these terms”
    **”good” here meaning “bad”

    • Remi Swierczek

      EVERYONE with any common sense and influence over music industry HAS TO WAKE UP!

      Blinded by Parker/Ek subscription giveaway model APPLE HAS A CHANCE to freeze forever $100 billions of obvious to an IDIOT or even ZOMBIE music goodwill at just $20B subs in 2025! If they are lucky.

      Steve Jobs has to be rolling in his grave!

      • Remi Swierczek

        Jimmy IOVINE is an UMG TROJAN HORSE on Apple property working on final SHRINKAGE of music industry.

        There is no safety net in his activity.
        Fresh, MEGA DOSE, of napalm will be injected shortly to MUSIC inferno.

        Middle ages with flat Earth lasted for 1500 years! Let’s hope we can abolish unproductive DICTATORSHIP of sub and ad supported streaming within next 12 months.

        There is $100B of MUSIC out there and we must grab it!

  2. Willis

    This is something that has never been seen before…whatever.

  3. Anonymous

    Jay z’s comments are exactly why no one should pay attention to tidal.

    • Chris H

      Not that I’m defending him, just curious if you could expand on your point.

  4. tcooke

    This capitulation will not stand. Contact Remi “Remington Steel” Swierczek. The man has a plan.