The Difference Between ‘Apple Music’ and Spotify…

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*Beats Music paying subscriber figure of 303,000 supplied by the Wall Street Journal, June 1st, here.

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  1. so

    Good thing for Beats that Apple bailed out the streaming side of the company, which was an abject failure. To their credit, they differentiated themselves with the emphasis on human curation and getting true creatives like Reznor on board, competition from free in the form of YouTube and piracy, and from Spotify, who had a massive head start, made Beats a nonstarter. While Apple is dreadfully behind in streaming, and Spotify’s dominance may already be a foregone conclusion at this point, it can fairly easily out-market and out-PR Spotify, who has done a poor job of both. One streaming winner is going to emerge in 2015, and Apple is the only one who has a shot.

    • Anonymous

      reads exactly like the folks who were saying iTunes Radio would immediately take down Pandora

    • WTF R U Even Trying 2 Say?

      “Spotify’s dominance may already be a foregone conclusion at this point, Apple can fairly easily out-market and out-PR Spotify, who has done a poor job of both. One streaming winner is going to emerge in 2015, and Apple is the only one who has a shot.”

      If Spotify’s dominance is a “foregone conclusion,” then it means Spotify WILL BE dominant.

      And if “one streaming winner will emerge” and Apple is the “only one who has a shot” then it would be a “foregone conclusion” that APPLE will be dominant.

      Do you even know what you are saying, or trying to say?

      In any event, Apple’s attempt to take any significant amount of streaming subscribers away from Spotify will not succeed. They are simply too late. Sure, they will get some people who will prefer to stay in the Apple eco-sphere but, the vast majorty of streaming users have pretty much moved on and already adopted Spotify as “the” streaming service of choice, at least for the foreseeable future.

      • Remi Swierczek

        “Apple can fairly easily out-market and out-PR Spotify”

        …this is the exact DEATH WISH of Sir Doug Morris!

        He KNOWS, yes he is totally convinced, that Apple $180B piggy bank and 900 million credit card accounts will save his KINGDOM on FIRE!

        Sorry Sir Doug,
        No salvation in the woodwork.
        Just fresh injection of APPLE/dead BEATS napalm to rearrange inferno of your MISMANAGED MUSIC HOUSE!

        Wake up or have some honor and retire.

        • R.P.

          They can’t and they won’t. Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because someone has more money they will use it to take someone else down.

  2. Wooly

    Good to see that DMN didn’t try to over-emphasize the difference by making the charts bigger than they really needed to be.

    • Jared

      You’ve got to stretch the 2nd chart tall enough or Apple/Beats wouldn’t even register. That’s how far behind they are.

  3. DavidB

    Yes, how ridiculous to think that Apple could ever challenge Spotify’s dominance in streaming. That would be like thinking Google could overtake Yahoo in search, or IE could overtake Netscape in browsers.

    But seriously, all Apple need do to dislodge Spotify would be to tempt a lot of high profile artists to pull out of Spotify and sign up to Apple for better royalty rates.

      • Tone

        Tidal is expensive, their UI blows, and millions are already accustomed to Apple’s ecosystem. Oh yeah, and Tidal shot itself in the foot with the PR stunt. All of this means that Apple’s “tempting” would be more impactful.

  4. Jughead

    I just bought a 1962 Zenith tube stereo console and a stack of Perry Como records.

    • Loujudson

      Hey Jughead – you should check out this guy Sinatra. He sings better than anyone, even Perry and Bing!

  5. Bill Rosenblatt

    Now compare these figures to YouTube, keeping in mind slides 29-30 of YouTube usage as a de facto free on-demand streaming music service is 5x Spotify. This should give even more of an idea of how high a mountain Apple has to climb here, especially since Apple couldn’t get the majors to cut the subscription price in half.

  6. Anonymous

    All Apple has to do is pull the Spotify app from iOS and this is a done deal.

  7. dilemah

    Many top Artists are leaving Spotify as fast as they can. Once the public could not find what they ‘really’ want to hear on Spotify they will switch faster than turning on their phones in the morning. Spotify has a huge amount of subscribers who love to keep using music FOR FREE. Artists are fed up with that.

  8. Music Streamer.

    How is this even an article? Link bait. Shameful.

  9. Lyle David Pierce III

    The Difference Between ‘Apple Music’ and Spotify…?

    The holders of stake in ‘Apple Music’ keep it whilst the holders of stake in Spotify dump it.


    Perhaps the reason for that is as Audiam Chief Executive Jeff Price analogizes: “It’s as if you’re spreading peanut butter on bread, but the piece of bread keeps getting bigger. The peanut butter gets thinner and thinner.