Day 34: Grooveshark Still Going Strong…

Updated (June 4th am): it now appears that has been ripped down. 
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April 30th
: is shut down.
May 5th: surfaces in its place.
May 7th: becomes a globally-ranked website.
May 14th: is shut down.
May 15th: surfaces in its place.
May 16th: shut down.
May 19th: surfaces in its place.
May 20th: remains, also surfaces.
May 21st: becomes a globally-ranked site.
May 28th: Ex-Grooveshark employee pens letter to the industry, promises that 'Grooveshark will never die'.
June 1st: becomes one of the top-ranked sites in Sweden.
June 3rd: still standing...

Image by Ryan Espanto, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).

20 Responses

  1. Internet Police

    Hey,I’ve been very busy lately. I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

    • Skeptic

      It’s hard for anyone to take you seriously when you don’t have an official Internet Police badge by your name.

    • Anonymous

      I got all the artists I’ll EVER need, I got millions.

      so you guys don’t brake my heart with artists that can’t afford to make music because i don’t pay them. GROOVESHARK have songs enough for millions of years and we’ll stay forever!!

      • gs_forever

        oops, forgot to sign in. Got enough of this place anyway.

        • Philip Gatti

          internet police youre fake as a fuck… there not even any such thing

  2. Groovey has been shut down too!!! :'(

          • gslover

            don’t worry, is still around. it was messed with yesterday, but its back now 😀

          • Philip Gatti

            yea when I tried to make an account for it didn’t work. I also tried to log in. didn’t work either. I tried several times and nothing worked and it is really frustrating

  3. cootmaster

    i go to grooveshark but i cant play anything, i hit play nothing happens

    • cootmaster

      oops was my cookies well grooveshark im is dead

  4. Someone Who Knows

    The person going by the name of Shark is tough spot. You have an ex-grooveshark employee with maybe a few others, he is trying to be carefull so they couldn’t recruit everyone from grooveshark, so there now having to take on jobs that were not there’s to begin with, and they have found a group of people that encrypt his emails so well that goverment officials from multiple countries couln’t trace them. The bugs and glitchs will only be temporary. They need the time to get back to where they were before.