Somebody Stole $450,000 of Tame Impala’s Royalties…

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Tame Impala’s frontman Kevin Parker recently took to Reddit to say:

“Up until recently, from all of Tame Impala’s record sales outside of Australia, I had received zero dollars… Someone high up spent the money before it got to me.”

So where did this money go?

Well Tame Impala’s rights management company BMG says that Modular Recordings kept the money. They’re accusing Modular of keeping $450,000 in royalties.

BMG has sued Modular, founder Steve Pavlovic, and parent company Universal Music Australia.

Universal Music Australia has shot back, saying neither they or Modular should have been named in the lawsuit. They say Pavlovic is no longer employed by Modular and runs a separate company that has kept the money.

They issued the following statement to The Music Network:

“Universal Music Australia is aware of media reports concerning a legal claim filed against Mr Pavlovic and certain companies, including Universal Music Australia and Modular Recordings.

No documents relating to the legal claim have been served on Universal Music Australia or Modular Recordings. It is unfortunate that Universal Music Australia and Modular Recordings were not contacted by BMG about the allegations before the case was filed. Had they been contacted, BMG would have realised that the companies should not have been named in the legal claim.

Universal Music Australia and Modular Recordings totally reject the claim made by BMG that they are in any way liable for unpaid mechanical royalties relating to the band Tame Impala. Universal Music Australia and Modular Recordings were not involved in contracting with BMG over mechanicals for sales of Tame Impala recordings in the United States.

A totally separate US registered company – owned and operated by Mr Pavlovic – is responsible for contracting with BMG and for any mechanicals liability. Mr Pavlovic, who is no longer employed by Modular Recordings, has confirmed that this matter has nothing to do with Universal Music Australia or Modular Recordings in Australia.

Universal Music Australia and Modular Recordings are confident that the claim against them is baseless and will be withdrawn or dismissed by the Court.”

See the entire legal document below:

Tame Impala

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4 Responses

  1. Kevin Spacey

    He absolutely deserves every penny from those greedy, mooching, cigar smoking business executives and above all an apology. Really, profiting off of another person’s music is the LOWEST thing to do in the music business.

    • Blake

      You want to know what it takes to sell music? It takes brass balls to sell music!

      STFU, a loser is a loser and you sir are a loser!

  2. Jared

    That’s dirty. This is part of the problem of mixing art and business. The business “savvy” people ultimately attempt to take advantage of the artist, who without the business side would have nothing. Artists need to stop throwing it all to the wind for a “chance” of being pushed by the giant marketing machine. Stay grass roots and keep your earnings.


  3. What's with entertainers these days?

    A man is shoveling elephant shit at the circus and complaining about how miserable his job, his boss and his life are. Co-worker asks”Why don’t you quit?” Shoveler answers “And give up show business, hell no!”