Apple’s Announcement of the ‘iTunes Music Store’ In 2003…

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    “Consumers don’t want to be treated like criminals and artists don’t want their valuable work stolen. The iTunes Music Store offers a groundbreaking solution for both.”

    And here’s the mindblowing fact:

    iTunes is still the only solution for both.

    Didn’t hurt hardware sales, either. Jobs was a really, really smart guy.

  2. Remi Swierczek

    We can still do it!

    Lets lock music in virtual walls and convert Radio and streaming to $100B global music store.

    All we have to do is to EDUCATE intoxicated with ads Google (voice search), stupefied Shazam, Soundhound, Gracenote and just few more lyrics ID guys to STOP giving away music to 2B+ FREELOADERS.
    Lets give them all the money taken in the past by Coconuts, Tower Records or Walmart and make them primitive cashiers of 100 BILLION DOLLAR MUSIC INDUSTRY.

    Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, YouTube or Apple/ dead-Beats will only prolong suicide mode concluding in SHRINKAGE of $100B+ of music goodwill to $20B of subs and ads in 2025!

  3. Black X

    I’ve placed a world wide terror hit on these crackers ! Literati X : I want the white boy in risk management that got one billion of my money and sent me a message that we don’t want your business go some where else ! You a dead motherfucker , cracker ! That’s my message that I’m sending to you in front of the entire world. I will hunt you down and I am going to behead you !