How to Ruin a Career in Electronic Music, by Ten Walls

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Last year I interviewed Anna Lunoe upstairs at Q Nightclub in Seattle as Lithuanian producer and DJ Ten Walls played underneath us.

During the interview Lunoe talked about the importance of calling people out on their bullshit, as the internet gives people the impression that they can be as vile as they want without consequence.  She said:

“People are fucking weird on the internet.  They say really awful things to people.  It’s like no one realizes that they’re actually saying it to someone…  People have so much shit going on and they say the dumbest stuff.   I just think it’s important to pull them up on it.”

Now, in a turn of poetic justice, Ten Walls’ career is over because he said awful, ignorant things online.

He posted an update on his personal Facebook page that Gay Star News says translates to:

“I remember producing music for one Lithuanian musician, who tried to wash my brain that I don’t need to be so conservative and intolerant about them.  When I asked him “what would you do if you realized that your 16-year-old son’s browny (anus) is ripped by his boyfriend?”  Well he was silent…

In the good 90s…  these people of different breed where fixed…

One of my first gigs in Ireland, on my way to [my] hotel I saw a church with a fence decorated with hundreds of baby shoes.  Naturally I wondered why?  Unfortunately a priest’s lie for many years was uncovered when children were massively raped.  Unfortunately the people of other breed continue to do it and everyone knows it but does nothing.”

Ten Walls’ music is heavily influenced by house music, but he evidently doesn’t know the genre’s history.

A post on the Ten Walls Facebook page apologizes for the statement, saying he has decided to take a break from touring. Ten Walls didn’t actually make that decision, the electronic music community made the decision for him.

Ten Walls was dropped from a long list of festivals and shows, including Creamfields, Sonár, HARD Summer, PITCH, Urban Artforms, and others. His booking agency Coda Music dropped him. Phonica cancelled pre-orders of his new album.

Fort Romeau and Jimmy Edgar pulled out of Ten Walls shows.  Everyone from The Chemical Brothers to Kastle, Eats Everything, Arca, LOUISAHHH!!!, and A-Trak have spoken out against him.

Between the Native American headdresses, bindis, and separate cover charges for different genders, the EDM scene often seems like a breeding ground for idiots.  It’s nice to see the scene step up.


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  1. Anonymous

    Countdown to right-wingers whining about liberal “tolerance”, which they constantly confuse with permissiveness….

  2. Damian

    Because social execution is so much fun, right ?
    Arguments ? Dialogues ? Nah, let’s just oppress him in the name of tolerance, love, freedom… We know the routine.
    Pics of broken vinyls are particularly creepy.
    This is way beyond basic attention whoring. Just as disturbing as homophobic peoples…
    Pro/anti-Ten Walls are just plague and cholera. Thanks DMN for that really interesting and rewarding news. (sic)

    • dero

      I get your point intolerance is not fixed with more intolerance people need to learn to ignore people, music especally electronic music is about the sound not about our personal demons , but also yes he is a public person and he has very shitty opinions that was a bad mix

  3. die homo

    You people think c51 will take away your rights. But here the homos are taking away free speech.

    • GGG

      Free speech doesn’t deny you consequences from being a shithead.

    • Chris M

      We aren’t taking anything away. He is free to say whatever he wants (well in the West. I am unsure what the freedom of speech laws are like in Lithuania).

      However, we the people who pay money to attend festivals and clubs are also free to tell the owners that we don’t want him there. There’s enough hate in the world. We don’t need it when we are trying to celebrate and have fun.

      One of the funny things about free speech is that you have to live with the consequences of what you say. This fool is living those consequences.

  4. Adam

    The amount of trolling on DMN these days is getting stupid. Trolls are boring. The first few comments are so telling of the kinds of people and what they have to say here… time to step up the moderation, DMN. I don’t come here to look at a reddit-style comment board. I want news, information, and debate. These losers don’t deserve a platform to troll on, and I recommend taking more action than responding with the obvious truths and calling them out – we all know that’s just feeding the trolls. Delete them regularly instead please.

  5. laszlo szell

    for your kind information and reconsideration of another aspect:

    this in the following is the rough translation of the operative excerpt of this lithuanian press article yesterday:
    (whereas basanov is the other artist name of marjus adomeitis)

    When the black Muslim terrorists killed nearly all the cartoon editors of the publication in Paris – all European LGBT and other organizations expressed their support for the “Charlie Hedbo, ostensibly representing the same as freedom of expression. Mr Basanova publicized personal (not the kind of mass edition) about the homosexual, but received no acceptance / support that each can have a different approach and to (not) moral issues (as Charlie Hedbo case), but universal condemnation and even signs of this promising and widely acclaimed artist’s career end: in a few days for a variety of major festivals, organizers canceled the upcoming “Ten Walls” shows for the artist´s allegedly “homophobic” attitude.

    Or coping with the performer does not interfere with the freedom of speech and expression, defensive principles, not to punish man for his opinion – whatever it is? Where are the crowds of thousands, which require major European festival organizers to stop discriminating against other opinion of musical performers?
    It is obvious that Europe can, and even, encouraged the public ridicule of Jesus Christ, Muhammad, however, it is taboo to talk about homosexuality, like what kind of a privileged caste of people – holier than gods.

    All of this dissonance inevitably takes us back into Soviet times, when talking was about unity, equality, however, the Communist Party and Communist Youth League members belonging to it, atheists have always been more equal than practicing Catholics or others, criticizing the communist regime people. As of now, Mr Basanova case, so then that if intelligent, gifted man did not accept the prevailing ideology, then it all academic, career gates were closed.

    It becomes obvious that these days the Western world cultural Marxism is power and its content is very similar to the former totalitarian regimes. Spoken a lot about freedom of speech, but a real censorship becomes almost as stringent as it was managing to Hitler or Stalin. One should not stop to speak boldly express their views on various issues. Otherwise, if the king for the first time pasirodžiusiam naked neišdrįsime to tell him that he is naked, the next day, it will be even harder.

    • Chris M

      You missed the point.
      People supported Charlie Hebdo because they were killed for their speech.

      Everyone here would be opposed to anyone committing violence against Ten Walls for his speech.

      But just as a lot of people hate what Charlie Hebdo stands for and refuse to read the publication, we similarly hate what Ten Walls thinks about gays and lesbians and don’t want him at our festivals.

      • Opinionator

        Well said Chris M. It’s nice to read an intelligent, rational opinion amongst all of these irrational ones.

  6. Other Opinion

    This is a conversation on his personal wall on Facebook (not Ten Walls), that jealous film maker made screenshot of and send to some gay magazine. You have to give privacy to people even if they are famous. OF course in private conversations people use stronger words, than in public. BTW if you think his career is over you might be wrong..

    • Adam

      @ Other Opinion – FYI, in case you didn’t realize, Facebook is not private. In addition, the lives of performers are not private. This is not news. Its been the case since the dawn of time. Its just now that the internet speeds this up and multiplies its effects. Yes, in private people use stronger words than in public. That applies to face to face conversations. In this day and age, you know better not to say stuff like that online… and that’s without judging the stupidity of his words. Frankly, anyone who is willing to say that to another person is a total fool. Thinking it is almost as bad. What kind of idiot says something like that to someone who is gay? Only someone who is afraid, intollerant, and ignorant. And a person like that who has a public platform (being a DJ) needs to know better, act better, and be smarter. Its his call if he wants to be ignorant, but now he’s going to learn how that affects his life. I’m sure his career isn’t over, but if you insult an entire culture that is very much dominated by and formed around gay culture, you’re going to suffer. And rightly so. The guy needs to be thanking gays and their role in his music, not insulting them and misunderstanding them. Period.

      • Anonymous

        “FYI, in case you didn’t realize, Facebook is not private. In addition, the lives of performers are not private.”

        Uh…what ???? The lives of all human beings are private. That’s a fundamental human right. And even idiots like TenWalls have the right to their privacy ( unless they are publishing their idiocy on a public forum or public Facebook page ).

        • Nina Ulloa

          I don’t think it’s a fundamental human right to write vile shit about others online and continue to have success in a career that was built off the backs of those very people .

          • Anonymous

            “I don’t think it’s a fundamental human right to write vile shit about others online and continue to have success in a career that was built off the backs of those very people .”

            Privacy IS a fundamental right, even for vile racists and bigots , whether you like it or not. It’s even in the declaration of human rights :
            “Article 12.
            No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.”

            If you want to rewrite that right , be my guest.
            You can go NSA all you want, but IF TenWall wrote that in a private correspondance , and someone copied it and printed it in a public media, then IT IS a violation of his privacy.

            You don’t combat stupidity and ignorance by showing that you can act as vile as the perpretators. You combat them with better ideas, with more intelligent words, or with legal action if he directly violated a law.

          • Other Opinion

            OMG. You can beat your fellow musician and get Grammy after that, you can molester kids and still be called king of pop. Stop pretending that you never said anything “politically incorect” to your friends

  7. human

    Another example of call-out culture run amok.
    Did he say something incorrect and hurtful? Yes.
    Does that mean he is no longer a human being and deserves to have his life ruined? No, I don’t think so.

    To everyone reveling over this man’s social execution or worse, participating in it, I urge you to pick up So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson. Internet call out culture is becoming far too prevelant and powerful. It’s important that you wise up to the inherent problems with social shaming, lest you fall into the crosshairs next.
    Mark my words; people who shame others in the name of social justice are loyal to no one but their ideals.

    • GGG

      It’s not “callout culture.”

      If you say shitty things about people who pay your bills, don’t expect them to support you anymore. It’s a simple as that.

      • Another opinion

        Check Ten Walls Facebook wall, there are 2500 comments. 90% are from highly cultured, highly educated, liberals who are swearing at the person who made a mistake and apologized 3 times. Wonderful example of tolerance. BRAVO!

        • GGG

          People being dicks still isn’t “call out culture.” It’s just people being dicks. To a dick.

          Also, sorry, being intolerant to a person who chooses to hate people for an arbitrary reason is not the same as someone being intolerant toward people for an arbitrary reason. Or do you sympathize with the KKK, too?

          • Another opinion

            KKK as I remember where shouting there opinion to everybody. to draw comparison, I’m also guilty of talking bullshit, while drinking beer and playing poker with my friends. If you you never said anything that would insult anybody (and I’m not talking to there face but talking to somebody else), you should check your back maybe there are angel wing growing:)

          • GGG

            That’s still beside the point. If I said something shitty about a group of people and that group of people/supporters of that group of people found out, I’d be an idiot to be surprised if they were pissed and stopped doing business with me.

  8. Chris

    Wow. Some of these comments are troubling.

    Anyone can say what they want, but all words have consequences. You could probably cite Newton here. Ten Walls is not being beaten to death or punished by his government or denied human rights to love freely and live freely for what he has said. He has lost his career – a career established by the minority he insulted. To lose it is more than fitting. If you work for a bank and yell at your boss and clients that money is satan, you probably shouldn’t work in a bank. His public humility comes with the territory of deciding to pursue a career in the public light. His decision. To compare his right to free speech, to a considerably large chunk of our global culture who are persecuted for something completely out of their control, is downright absurd.

    Our sexual disposition is not changeable and it is not always pretty like we’d all like it to be, like nature, like the universe, like humanity – it is time we learnt to deal with that, so we can all move forward. Theres a really nice peaceful utopian solution, and that is letting go of everything you have learned for a second and opening your heart and making an effort to understand things that might make you feel uncomfortable.

  9. Another opinion

    Nina Ulloa question for you, I checked your twitter
    “nina. ‏@nine_u Jun 8
    Law of the universe: if you’re in an empty row on a plane a large man WILL move to your row and throw all his crap in the middle seat”
    Somehow it’s bad to talk bad about gays, but OK to insult fat people?

    • Anonymous

      Large does not necessarily equal fat. Maybe he was 7 feet tall. Also, the problem in that case was his crap, not his size.

      But nice try. Keep being a homophobe apologist.

  10. Virgis

    You knowwhat I think , guys. it was probably like this : he was in a hotel and his girlfriend texted him why he was drinking with some strager girls company. then he got nervous and took some other beer, then he got on a plane, he tooks some more shots of vodka. (if you see in the original Lithuanian text, what he wrote about, that was plenty of lithuanian spelling mistakes0, he posted some sh*t about some lithuanian producer he didn;t like, and he wanted to look cool, because he got famous. like , look at me now, poor lithuanian producer. The reality is that there is no reality in social media… you can become Famous by not having a social media account. that’s my opinion, this guy just said some stupid stuff, he didn’t probably remember when he posted it, only in the morning, when he woke up , more sober, in a hotel, with some chicks, to make his girlfriend jealous… that what it was all about

  11. Anonymous

    Music is for fun not hate. Haters gonna hate but do it somewhere off to your selves until your full.