EDM Bubble? In Just Three Years, EDC Has Grown Over 170%…

EDC 2015 A copy

Say what you will about the EDM bubble, but it hasn’t burst yet. Between 2011 and 2014, EDC saw an attendance increase of over 170 percent. 2015 is set to be another huge year.


Infographic source: Rukkus

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    There is no bubble. Electronic dance music is this generation’s jazz, rock, and hip-hop. It will be around for years to come until the next thing comes along.

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    It’s popular because it requires no musical ability.

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      Them’s fightin’ words! [SWINGING]


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      (To be clear: kidding about the swinging, not about my disagreement.)

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    The bubble burst this year, numbers will be below 400K no matter what promoters say. No one fact checks Insomniacs #’s anyway, but those who really know, know that the bubble has burst (ask any EDM booking agent).

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    camilla snow

    it’s all about drug culture (too boring w/o being high) the edm bubble will burst when the drug bubble bursts — and that isn’t any time soon. and i don’t just mean club drugs and street drugs, i mean the prescription pills that your mom and little brother take, and the daily intake of your alcoholic dad

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    Isn’t EDM the crap that the morons on Jersey Shore would fist pump to when they were out in the clubs?