Nielsen: “Less Than 6% of DJs Booked by EDM Festivals are Female”

We already knew that EDM festivals book about 20 times more men than women, but now we have the Nielsen data to prove it.

The following slide was included in a presentation by Nielsen’s VP of Branded Music, Tatiana Simonian, at EDMbiz.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.39.41 PM
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5 Responses

  1. lady miss kier

    so what you say ? it’s important , although there are fewer female deejays ….the ones that can rock the crowd with a consistency should get booked…but more important then females…. minorities need to be booked ….because EDM owes much more to the gay and black house/techno scene . it’s great to see it grow and fill stadiums but diversity will bring some depth to the scene. i’m looking forward to this as it continues to grow .

  2. jr

    EDM is about money.
    No one in music is entitled to anything. This is why Paris Hilton can get millions in bookings and headlines in Ibiza and why Krewella still has somewhat of a career despite getting rid of the guy who actually was part of the music making.
    I do not see anyone in booking talent that discriminates against women or minorities, they do discriminate against anyone NOT making money or having enough buzz to generate momentum. Music sales are not the main driver of buzz, arbitrary chart positions on BeatPort have some impact, but it is about everything else and having the hits or remixes people want to hear. When you have a hit, can tour for top money then you will be booked, man, woman, robot or mouse head.

  3. Reticuli

    There are at least 20 times more male DJs than female ones out there, and that’s got to be at least a conservative minimum spread for producers, too. A lot of venues now, though, are booking ladies 10-20% of the time at least. Gals are marketable, especially when the audience can get up close. And, yes, it appears that looks matter in the industry. There are very few average-looking female DJs who make a living doing this that didn’t start out in gay clubs, and that subcategory is of a tiny number who really worked hard in this superficial industry. Lots and lots of, well, hotties are getting gigs. They should be thankful. It’s hard to make a living doing this.

  4. Verify Your Humanity

    And im sure if you did a survery you would find less than 6% of bedroom producers are female…