Attention SoundCloud Apps: Your Plays Are Now Being Limited…

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Sony recently started pulling their artists’ music off of SoundCloud, even though artists like Madeon disagreed with the decision.

Now SoundCloud is now making changes that should make the service a little more attractive to labels and a little less attractive to developers.

SoundCloud has announced that starting in July, outside applications will be limited to 15,000 play requests per day. This means popular music apps can no longer depend on SoundCloud for their catalog.

In a few months, SoundCloud will have an application for developers that want access to more than 15,000 play requests.

Services like 8tracks saw the writing on the wall and recently secured direct licensing deals.


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5 Responses

  1. Tone

    I’m surprised that DMN is late on this. I actually came here after the news broke yesterday and was surprised not to see a story.

  2. Rick Louie

    I can understand this, I think. I can understand wanting to limit the amount of “play” API calls since they’re hitting an endpoint that has streaming URLs and cant inject ads in between those calls like they can through their embeddable player. This doesn’t really have an effect on indie artists who stream via the API to their own sites, and who use the API instead of the embeddable so that they can customize their player. It does cause an annoying thing for Pitchfork, who streams into their own player, but they’re probably one of the sites who was notified and worked something out on the BA side.

    Who it really hurts are the sites like Wavo, which is basically just a glorified Soundcloud (and YouTube) wrapper. Wavo can be viewed as a direct competitor in some ways, although their platform is, unintelligently and inextricably linked to Soundcloud’s. This is strange anyways since any company with developer’s worth their salt can tap into the power of AWS (S3 and Elastic Transcoding), without having to rely on the Soundcloud API, unless, of course, you’re trying to tap into all of the content without having to do any of the work obtaining/creating content on your own.

    IMO this is mostly a “whatever”. Fred Wilson and USV are leaning heavily on Soundcloud to monetize and let’s see where it goes. I think the moral of the story is, whether it’s Meerkat/Periscope with Twitter, Facebook Pages, or any other examples, you can’t build a platform on someone else’s platform – there’s always a rug to be pulled out from under you.