EDC Las Vegas Day One Attendance: 130,000

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EDC is still growing, so how is EDC Las Vegas 2015 going so far?

Fox5 reports that over 130,000 people went to day one of the festival.

Police said there were 19 felony arrests for narcotics, two misdemeanor arrests, and one DUI arrest. Nine misdemeanor citations and four traffic citations were also given.

There were 506 medical calls at the festival. 10 people had to be transported to hospitals. 

102 people were kicked out on the first night.

Report by Nina Ulloa in Las Vegas.

5 Responses

  1. Pete

    Can we get the same stats for the Grateful Dead reunion tour please. Maybe some arrest stats for a Hip Hop concert or Death Metal concert…..why is this relevant? Are you saying that that EDM is somehow any worse than the youth at Woodstock. This post plus the stats are useless without context.

  2. Jake

    It’s all PLUR until you are all trying to get out of the fucking parking lot at the same time.

  3. raver

    Having 134,000 people in one area will obviously have the oddballs who cause trouble and some accidents. Can’t blame Insomniac or the culture.