Taylor Swift Reserves the Right to Smash Any Photographer’s Camera…

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Photographer Jason Sheldon went viral when he posted this contract and accused Taylor Swift of being a total ‘hypocrite’.  Swift’s management said the deal was ‘misrepresented,’ but here’s the other contract that photographers were also forced to sign (see clause #5)…


Image by Stephen Michael Barnett, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC by 2.0).   Written while listening to Claptone on Soundcloud using Sennheiser Momentums.

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  1. Other Chris H

    Snooze. This not news. As a photographer, I’m totally okay with Ms. Swift’s contractual requirements. First of all, this would mean they would likely destroy the memory card. Not the camera. And only if you didn’t comply with what you already signed.
    She is granting the right to use her image for news purposes taken in a venue where she has control to access. As a huge pop star, she needs to control her image, so her terms make sense. She is limiting the scope to the type of news photographer she wants taking images at her show, and weeding out others that would use her image for reasons she’s not okay with. She can demand worldwide usage for her own purposes because she has the fame and clout. Others without such clout would probably not be able to include that clause and still get photographers to come and shoot.
    This doesn’t really stand up as an argument to call her a hypocrite in dealing with Apple. In both cases, she controls the valuable item – her music in the case of Apple, and her image/persona in the case of the photographer. She is granting access in both cases, and so can request terms she sees fit. If you don’t like it, you don’t get access, and she won’t get your services as a news photographer. Similarly, Apple was trying to get access to the valuable item for free, so she said no, and made an argument for it. Opposite of hypocrisy. Consistency.

    • Adam's Myth

      You hit the nail on the head. Her image, her intellectual property, so freeloaders can stop whining now.

      • Anonymous

        As someone who has always hated cameras… if only it were that simple. Maybe it is when you have that much money.

      • Dave

        That isn’t how it works. Under copyright law if a photographer takes a picture they own the image.

  2. Versus

    This is fine if the photographer violates usage of the images.

    Now: If artists and indies could also have the right to confiscate or destroy devices with pirated music, we would be getting somewhere.

  3. jay

    Looks like her lawyers need to justify their bills…