Apple Music Is the First Streaming Service to Get ‘1989’…




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    • Anonymous

      That’s one way of looking at it.

      Here’s another: She’s been windowing 1989 for quite a while now.

      I think it makes sense to release it for streaming now.

      • Anonymous


        Her model is the one that will work: No free tier and window your new release.

        Now just make sure she doesn’t get Lars Ulrich’ed.

        • Anonymous

          “Now just make sure she doesn’t get Lars Ulrich’ed”

          Worse things could happen, though. :)

          TorrentFreak, TechDirt and Wired may hate him, but millions of fans love him. St. Anger debuted at #1 on Billboard less than a year after Napster’s went bankrupt. Not much hate there…

    • Tone

      Don’t worry, there’s millions of lames in this world

  1. Anonymous

    Apple’s building a really serious competitor. I’m not sure how small services like Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker, etc. are going to make it. I’d be backing up my music collection on any service without significant financial backing (Google, Microsoft, Spotify.)

    • Sarah

      It’s a good idea to back up all of your content (music, videos, documents, texts, images, contacts), no matter what service you use. As for Apple’s building a really serious competitor – we’ll see.

  2. Lyle David Pierce III

    Apple stock was trading at $128.81 nine hours ago when Taylor Swift made her announcement, it dropped $1.31 since then to close at $127.50.

    Source: Nasdaq

  3. Versus

    The Apple deal is still terrible, just like all the other streaming services.
    We need real pay rates.

    • Anonymous

      What, in your opinion, the ideal rate for a single stream or a “real rate”?

  4. FarePlay

    Interactive streaming is a double edge sword. It cuts of the heads of the artist and the streaming service. I don’t believe Apple ever really wanted to get into this business. But their history and devices were too embedded in music and they had no choice.

    I’m still waiting to hear a plan to re-launch iTunes and announcement of artist development deals. As far as paid subs, let’s get realistic. Nextflix has 57 million paid subs after being in the film delivery business for over 15 years, so realistically getting to 50 million music subs is going to be Herculean.

    The financials for single listener plays are negative on both sides and Spotify will have to reinvent their business model and diversify leaving music and musicians twisting in the wind. U2 will be the soundtrack for candy crush.

    • Anonymous

      Unless Spotify drops its free tier, it won’t even exist a year from now.

  5. FarePlay

    PS. What’s this Top Trending Music thing? Is this the ecstasy top 4?

  6. Sex_with_needle

    It’s a very good idea to back up all of your contents. As for Apple’s building a really fucking competitor – we’ll see who gets their momma.

  7. anon

    if big tech and this fucking bratty twat goes on to ruin the living i make from spotify streaming they will all be held accountable.

  8. RC

    All Taylor Swift’s content is available on KKBOX, a leading streaming service in Asia (mostly Taiwan and Hong Kong…)

  9. DavidB

    Not for the first time, DMN’s headline is not borne out by the rest of the article. Taylor Swift has said that (a) the album will be on Apple, and (b) it will not be exclusive to Apple. So it does not follow that Apple will be the first streaming service to get it. I guess that it will be available on any streaming service that is either subscription-only, or willing to confine it to paying subscribers. So it won’t be on Spotify unless Ek eats a lot of humble pie.

  10. JustPassingBy

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    • Anon

      Tons of Corporations are making money on the music though.

      The ISPs and Cell providers that people pay every month
      The Torrent sites that sell ads and deliver virus
      Web sites like this one sell ads
      The majors
      Google Music, Spotify etc
      Consumer audio device makers

      There’s money being made, it’s just that musicians and performers are seeing almost none of it.

      Maybe these other players like the ISPs / Cells which have been profiting from downloading and streaming are going to have to kick in something.