Donald Trump: “If We Shake Hands I Should Be Able to Use Your Music Without Permission”




11 Responses

  1. Remi Swierczek

    Good news for music. Obama would support and give music “new fair use act”
    Conservative Trump will do the same! Window of HOPE has a chance to stay open.

    In any case musicians have enough political power to do it at any time! Sooner we do it sooner we will see $100B music industry! Google has to change for own benefit or Google has to be legally PUSHED to sanity!

  2. Versus

    Sure. As long as I and all my friends and family can stay in your hotels for free whenever we want. Even live there if we wish.

  3. Anonymous

    I seriously don’t know who should be more embarrassed by this, Trump or Young. 🙁

    • frank

      maybe DMN — for paraphrasing Trump and presenting it as a direct quote (again)

      • trumps investors

        too bad trumps investors in his hotels, casinos, miss america & other bad businesses (bankruptcy 2 or 3 times) didn’t know the same

  4. MBS

    Young should be more embarrassed, he is looking for money for PONO, a joke of a service. Trump has the money, and it looks like he wisely did not invest in a poor service.

  5. Why?

    Why does he need permission? Isn’t that sort of music use covered by a mechanical license for public performances of recordings? Isn’t it similar to the license that a bar would have?

    • NikkiLev

      The difference between an bar and Trump’s use is the TV broadcasting, which activates requirement of a sync license, rather than just a compulsory ASCAP/BMI payment for a bar to be allowed to play any music it wants. Sync licensing requires PERMISSION of the publisher/rights holder.

  6. Willis

    In other news, anyone who wants to use the Trump name or logo for any purpose is free to do so.

  7. NinaIsAHack

    Wow journalism has really sunk to an all time low. The only writing here is the headline, which is a quote Trump never said, literally putting words his mouth that don’t even make sense. Why would he say anything about using music without permission when that isn’t an issue. Donald Trump paid the ASCAP and BMI fees. Sync rights don’t come into play in this case because it wasn’t a campaign ad. It was a live event. He needed no special permission beyond the fees he paid. Implying to readers who don’t understand the correct procedure that Trump did something wrong simply because Young didn’t like a legal use of his music is beyond lazy and misleading. Don’t get me wrong I’m no fan of Trump. Some of his recent comments disgust me and I think his use of that song for that purpose was moronic and competently ill-fit. But it was legal. You’d never know that (or anything) from reading this “article” though. And even if Trump did need special permission or had acted illegally in his use of Young’s music, it’s still appalling that DMN would publish a headline in quotes that was never said. If this is the standard DMN has sunk to you just lost a reader. Nina Ulloa you deserve to lose job for this.