SiriusXM Is Going to Pay $210 Million for Pre-1972 Recordings…

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SiriusXM has settled with the major labels and ABKCO, a label that controls early recordings by The Rolling Stones, The Animals, and others.

Sirius will pay the labels $210 million over the use of pre-1972 recordings. They’ll also be able to play pre-1972 music through 2017. After that, they’ll have to come to new agreements.

RIAA CEO Cary Sherman said:

“This is a great step forward for all music creators… Music has tremendous value, whether it was made in 1970 or 2015. We hope others take note of this important agreement and follow Sirius XM’s example.”

The labels sued Sirius after a groundbreaking lawsuit was filed by The Turtles’, a case that still hasn’t been resolved.


Image by Vincent, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

7 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    And how much of that will actually get to the artists? I am guessing not much.

    • Willis

      I’m sure it’s a large round figure…like zero.

  2. Dry Roasted

    Great. Another royalty artists will never see.

  3. Anonymous

    SiriusXM executives should get a raise after this. All former and future pre-1972 royalties through 2017 for $210 million. This doesn’t even sting. Meanwhile all the other parties in the lawsuit who didn’t settle just lost the bulk of their firepower and gained a precedent of a paltry $210 million payment for ~80% of pre-1972 recordings. Ouch. Talk about getting thrown under the bus.

  4. Just Wondering

    Nina, would you know if this payment is going to SoundExchange, which collects digital streaming royalties on sound recordings and splits payment 45 / 50 / 5, for artists / labels / backup artists, or is this lump sum going straight into the labels’ pockets, to be split according to artist contracts? Paul, would you know?