Heads Up: Apple Music Launches Tomorrow…

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Apple Music is set to launch tomorrow, June 30th, on Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Android and Apple TV will get the service later in the year.

The Apple Music launch includes Beats1, Apple’s new radio service that is clearly trying to compete with BBC Radio 1, among others.

Additionally, users will be able to upload 25,000 songs from their library for cloud streaming. Eddy Cue tweeted that this number would expand to 100,000 with the launch of iOS 9.

1989 isn’t the only exclusive album Apple Music will have. Dr. Dre‘s The Chronic will be on Apple Music, the first time the album has been on a streaming service.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more: @nine_u

21 Responses

    • Remi Swierczek

      Apple with other UMG activated NERDS are almost at the CLIFFFFFFFF!!!
      No need for The Beatles!
      Kick in the butt is the most desirable to allow for, sooner then latter, fresh start.

      For the moment $150B of annual music goodwill pulverized to $15 billion dollars of dog food is REALITY!

  1. Tim Crook

    “users will be able to upload 25,000 songs from their library”

    Not only that, they can also download 100,000 songs — for free.

    No need to buy music anymore!

    Tim Crook

    • Vail, CO

      So if an artist refuses to license, all you have to do is download it and upload it into iCloud.

      • Anonymous

        Uhhhhh…….yeah. You’re not just realizing this now, are you?

      • Yep

        You could upload an illegal copy of a song you pulled from PirateBay to Apple’s iCloud and Apple will have it for you on-demand whenever you want. Plus, as an iCloud customer, Apple does not pay any royalties on the stream since you are an iCloud user.

        • Nope

          @Yep : I think you never used iTunes, or iCloud, or iMatch, because that is absolutely not how it works. You cannot upload music to iCloud and listen to it. iCloud is unrelated to iMatch.
          But you’ve been spreading these wrong info here almost daily for the last weeks. Who do you work for ?

    • ok

      Absolutely, he’s an artist. He’ll also get a nice juicy bonus and dividend cheque for the year. Yeh for Dre!! Well deserved!

      • Versus

        It’s disgusting that anyone wants to listen to his music after his unrepentant behavior. Even more unconscionable why Apple, supposedly a “progressive” company, would hire him.

        You are right to keep calling this out.

  2. Noah

    Make sure to warn all females of the press to NOT ask Dr. Dre about this or anything else. Otherwise they may get brutally beaten as part of his M/O

    • Versus

      This gives context to the (now defunct) “Beats” brand name.

      • Anonymous

        Now it’s called ‘Beats1’. Guess he just beat up one woman.


    As Nashville hit-songwriter Clay mills wrote the other day: Emailing every Senator and Representative should be mandatory for songwriters and artists!!….I wrote comment to my Florida Rep on her FB post today: Steps to follow after Songwriter Equity Act: removing non-functional 100-yr old gov’t imposition which have long-caused an oligopolistic anti-trust situation; a devastating hindrance, now quite fatal to quintessential “creators” within the industry. Future efforts must be placed into normalizing that industry, to steward it toward the “Open/free marketplace. Act on this interest and you will have my vote

    • Yes, YES ...and YESSSSS!

      …and ask them to deliver new “fair use act” that will close music in virtual walls and allow next day to convert all of Radio and streaming to primitive, discovery based, $100B MUSIC STORE!

  4. Me

    After Apple and Taylor Swifts obvious PR stunt I’m sticking with Spotify out of principal. Apple, treat your consumers like idiots and they won’t give you their money.