Exclusive: LANDR Raises $6.2 Million From Warner Music Group and Nas

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LANDR is a cloud based post production platform. The service automatically masters uploaded audio, and users pay for different levels of audio quality.

LANDR is releasing a new platform next week called Ionian 1.0. The interface has been redesigned and technical improvements have been made.

The company has also raised a $6.2 million Series A funding round. Warner Music Group led the round. Nas and other investors also participated in the round.

6 Responses

  1. tcooke

    Ok. I use Maximal Sound sometimes, best automated iv heard, use for promo, demo. Its much better priced than this, one shot pricing. Got a quote from brian gardner today, one track- >$500. Rb mastering is good 0 analog mastering with studer tape add on option nice $80-$120. I am curious about the quality with this one, but the pricing looks gimmicky.

    • You're right

      Not only is it gimmicky, its also not going to be comparable to actual mastering. I would totally go for the $500 per track quote if I were you! Maybe he’ll discount if you pay in advance for multiple track masterings at once?

  2. joly

    I will pretend that i dint read nothing a moment earlier.
    From all hoaxes this is a better one and supported by big brand.
    This just proves that music industry at top is full of morons.
    And remember, there is no technology that can replicate what brain can do.

  3. tcooke

    Im seeking mastering engineer for a trip hop track. But its a new genre Hard Hop. Tell me where to go.

  4. Noah

    This is laughable on so many levels and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

    They are simply offering you auto-mix, the plugin that works in every single DAW. they are calling it “mastering” which is totally a farce. Mastering is an extremely involved process that takes weeks or longer to do properly and cannot be simulated by an algorithm.

    Why would they choose nas as their spokesperson? His music is all generated from midi, there is almost no need for mastering in it and he is (while talented for the music he makes) one of the last people that should be advocating mastering! If they had gotten a producer, a real producer… Or someone who makes music with actual intruments, maybe it would be a better spokesperson but then, the product would still be a joke as it’s only auto-mixing.
    I would way rather just buy the plugin and use it on a DAW then pay a recurring fee for sub-par simulated mixing. Mostly because I’m not an idiot… But what’s your reason for never using this? I’m curious.

    • tcooke

      Noah, that quote from big bass is for 15 minutes to master the track. It doesn’t take them along. If you visit Maximal Sound, you will be impressed. Upload and get 25 seconds of it back for free. Read about about the analog equipment it runs through. It’s pretty cool actually and it is run through a converter and other analog equipment. For the money, it is good.