Check Out SoundCloud’s New 40,000 Sq. Ft. Manhattan Office Space…

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What massive copyright infringement lawsuits?

Total square footage: 43,600

Lease term: 5 years

Exact Address: 50 W. 23rd Street, Flatiron District

Floors: 9 & 10 (full)

Landlord: Two Trees Management Co.

Price Tag: $72 per sq. ft., or $3.14 million annually.

(price per Two Trees, in comments to the Commercial Observer).

And for more startup office porn, check out SoundCloud’s 4,000+ square meter office-plex in Berlin.

17 Responses

  1. Versus

    Then they can afford to start paying for the illicit music on the site.

  2. Remi Swierczek

    WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF SoundCloud???!!!!!

    Please help!

    Then WHAT IS THE PURPOSE for this nice IKEA style office space?

    Music NERD LAND is beyond the definition of NERDDDDDDD! English needs new words!

    • Anonymous

      Purpose of SoundCloud? Honestly I still have no fucking clue.

      • Anonymous

        Clueless Cue might take it over!
        IKEA style might induce Ek’s takeover.
        Exciting developments in front of us.

      • GGG

        This isn’t me defending SC per se, just saying that it is useful for sending people music without making them download it, i.e. sending music supervisors private playlists, especially for unreleased music. It’s also good for embedding, though sucks when you don’t get paid at all if an embed does well.

        • Remi Swierczek

          Thank you GGG.

          Your last line confirms no MUSIC PURPOSE for those well financed office space creators!

          Paul, please refresh Berlin office space. Very premium and inspiring IKEA comparing to NYC.

  3. Ash

    The only young people I know who use soundcloud are young musicians, bands, DJs, etc. who are l

  4. Anonymous

    Soundcloud sounds like crap, btw. If they can afford that office they should be able to fix their godawful codecs.

  5. Insider

    “What massive copyright infringement lawsuits?” Why, the ones you made up out of thin air, Paul. You know, the ones contradicted by every actual news source out there. You remember them, don’t you?

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Please reference one of these contradictions? I had not seen one.

      • Insider

        Just check out the comments to your article, towards the bottom. Billboard pretty much refuted everything.

        • Karen

          Yes, Paul! Kindly respond to Billboard’s refutal of the normal trash you post (specifically, the massive copyright lawsuits about to hit SoundCloud).


      • Journalism Ethics?


        Paul simply “has not seen” any open, publicly reported (in a music journal, no less) contradictions of his specific, albeit totally baseless reports.


        This site hasn’t contained a syllable of factual or relevant information in years – …nothing but totally unethical, bait headlines, pure conjecture and Intro to Music Biz 101-level “analysis.”

  6. danwriter

    All hard, reflective surfaces and a not a shred of acoustical treatment to be seen. They’ll be listening to music on headphones.