Siri Doesn’t Know How To Play Beats 1 Radio or Taylor Swift

After signing up for Apple Music’s 3 month trial and browsing a bunch of the radio stations (including Beats 1) and listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 record which I still hadn’t heard (no I’m not going to buy it before hearing it), I thought, oh what the hell, let’s test out Siri. Apple touted this at their WWDC Keynote as one of the coolest new features of Apple Music and the new iOS update. They had a minor hiccup at the Keynote when VP Eddy Cue told Siri “play the song from Glory” and Imagine Dragons came up. But Siri got it on the 2nd try. So, I thought, let’s start with something simple. And this is what I got.

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Isn’t Apple Music completely separate from iTunes Radio? Isn’t iTunes Radio dead now? Well, at least because I’ve fully installed Apple Music?

Apple has been riddled with technical errors on launch day including Beats 1 completely crashing, artists unable to post any content to their @ Connect feed, Siri thinking that Apple Music isn’t available in the UK (even though it is), and Siri refusing to play Taylor Swift (even though I just listened to it).

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6 Responses

  1. john

    i dunno man i just tried to listen to dark side of the moon with siri and it got it on the first try….

  2. agraham999

    I just told Siri to play Taylor Swift 1989 and it started playing the album. I then tried playing that track off the album and it played. So…slow news day? I mean this seems like a lot of effort on your part to diss a service that’s literally only a few days old.

  3. There is something...

    Apple crippled all DMN authors accounts just to piss them off !

  4. Spaceman

    Its a waste of time, just record it all from the radio station over the net people for free and then
    play it from device anytime you want. Wake up people.

  5. Me

    What’s worse is that links to albums on the iTunes store no longer work. They take you to the Apple Music instead. Whether or not this just a buggy launch, or intentional on their part to steer customers to Apple Music is yet to be seen (I’m thinking it’s the latter).

    From Apple:

    “If you have existing iTunes links on the web or within apps, they will automatically link to Apple Music. If you prefer to send users to the iTunes Store, use Link Maker to create an iTunes Store link or simply append “app=itunes” to the URL as shown here, making sure to use a “?” to separate the link from the parameters. Example:

    But, if you click that link, it just opens up the album page in your web browser – not the iTunes Store. And if you click “View on iTunes” it just takes you to the Apple Music home page, not the album’s download page.

    So it appears the company that pretty much launched and controlled the music download market is actively taking steps to kill it.

  6. Anonymous

    siri won’t create a radio station in the UK. Why?