Facebook Is Negotiating Music Video Licensing With Major Labels…

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Facebook just launched a video monetization program for creators. Just like YouTube, 55 percent of revenue from video ads will go to creators and 45 percent will go to Facebook. That said, Facebook’s splits are a little more confusing, since ads play in between videos and aren’t pre-rolled.

News that Facebook is negotiating with major labels also surfaced recently. Now, sources say music videos will be coming to Facebook.

Billboard says Facebook will run a test program later in the year to bring music videos chosen by the labels to news feeds. Facebook is reportedly trying to seal licensing deals, but ad revenue splits will still be 55/45.

Let’s hope Facebook also plans on bringing in indie labels.


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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    “Facebook’s splits are a little more confusing, since ads play in between videos”

    That’s not a problem — their tests will not only show why they need another solution, they’ll also point in the right direction. That’s what tests are for.

    The basic concept is strong enough to destroy any competitor.

  2. Anonymous

    Does anybody know how this will actually appear within Facebook? Will it just be the same as videos are now?

    One of the reasons Youtube is so successful is because the search function is good. It can be difficult to find things [especially videos] on Facebook after they have fallen down the news feed or are a few weeks old.

    I would have thought that for this to be a real competitor to Youtube, they would need to rethink how videos appear. That would obviously have an effect on how and how often adverts are shown

  3. One dude

    45% of the revenue simply for hosting seems pretty high, especially if they get all of the ad revenue

    • Roberto

      I completely agree with one dude…Quite honestly, its down right greedy on their part just for hosting!