Tell the DMN Community: What Are You Working On?

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If the music industry has problems, what are you doing to solve them?

If you’re writing something incredible, when will the world hear you?

If you have an incredible idea, are you building the team to realize it?

If you’ve already built the most incredible idea, what is it?

Every day, tens of thousands of people in the music industry read Digital Music News, and a lot of them are actively working on game-changing ideas and projects.

So tell the DMN community: what are you working on, and why should we care?  Tell us below and spark a discussion, rally some teammates, network, get some funding, or make some new fans…

Add whatever links, embeds, or details needed (we’ll re-size or realize as needed, just throw it in).  And shameless plugs allowed!

65 Responses

  1. John Hart

    My streaming station is the only full-time folk & bluegrass station in the Pacific Northwest, now in our 4th year. We’re slowly building an audience in a tough niche, with about 15,000 listeners per month. We’re exploring ways to involve listeners, like a community forum. Suggestions welcome. And yes, we pay PRO’s, albiet not much. Perhaps we should become a nonprofit, like Folk Alley. They seem to do ok. Anyway, give a listen and tell us where we can improve..Thanks…

  2. Chris

    Thanks Paul. I have recently started a music channel/curation brand called Hitplex with a vision focused on helping artists stand out and providing a destination for music lovers to discover new hits. I’ve had the opportunity to create a unique playlist for the renowned Fred Segal shop at LAX and have created two other signature playlists, Urban Appeal and The Hitplex 100, each available on the site. I’ve taken the website from a “beta to alpha” just this month and am actively looking to feature new artists. Please take a visit and feel free to reach out and help grow our audience and efforts to provide a platform to establish a new, fair music business for independent artists. (content coming soon)
    Search “Hitplex” on Spotify

    • Anonymous

      FYI – for future reference, people go from “beta to alpha” (as in becoming an alpha male) but software development goes from “alpha to beta”.

      So your comment that you’ve “taken the website from a “beta to alpha” just this month” may not bode well for investors.

  3. Constantine Roussos (.MUSIC)

    Thanks DigitalMusicNews and Paul.

    My name is Constantine. I am a musician and entrepreneur who is focused on the music community-led effort to launch a safe, trusted and authenticated .music domain name for the global music community.

    What is .MUSIC domain name extension –

    My company is called .MUSIC. Our plan is to offer musicians a trusted, secure and validated domain name ending in .music i.e.

    We have been working on this initiative for nearly a decade. We have applied to ICANN, the governing body of the Internet, for the rights for the .music domain name (See What is .MUSIC).

    We are the first domain extension ever with safeguards that protects musicians rights and enforce copyright (See .MUSIC Enhanced Safeguards). Our initiative has support from music organizations representing over 95% of music consumed globally (See .MUSIC Support). Our community-led initiative is governed by the multi-stakeholder global music community (See our expanding board at .MUSIC Policy Advisory Board/Governance).

    Our competitors,including Google and Amazon, lack music-tailored policies and have no appropriate safeguards to protect musicians’ rights and enforce copyright protection.

    How the music community can beat Google and Amazon and win .MUSIC

    Next month we will be evaluated by ICANN/Economist. Our “community” application will win over Google, Amazon etc if we prove we have music-tailored policies and support from a majority of the global community defined. If we fail, then .music will be auctioned to the highest bidder (i.e. Google and Amazon will be frontrunners to win).

    What musicians can do to help our .MUSIC cause

    Fill in the ICANN form by following the quick instructions at to tell ICANN that .MUSIC serves the interests of musicians. Since we have provide the talking points in that instructions link, it should only take less than a few minutes to submit. We have provided the talking points that you can copy and paste into the ICANN form to save you time.

    Thanks in advance and please connect with me!

    Constantine Roussos
    .MUSIC Website
    .MUSIC on Twitter
    My LinkedIn profile

    • Sarah

      That’s a very ambitious venture, and it’s great that you’ve included so many different stakeholders in your advisory board. Happy to help you out with support for your community application.

      If you get the domain name, are you planning any marketing campaigns to promote use of it to consumers/artists?

      • Constantine Roussos (.MUSIC)

        Thanks Sarah.

        We appreciate your support. Here is the link explaining how you can fill in the ICANN form to support our community-led cause for .MUSIC:

        Yes, we will have diverse marketing plans to promote the .MUSIC domain and artists. Our biggest marketing goal is to communicate to music fans and search engines that anyone that has a .MUSIC website is authenticated and legal i.e. that they are the actual artist and that any monies generated on .MUSIC websites go to the artists not pirates or unlicensed websites. This approach will result in higher search engine results for .MUSIC websites because Google and Bing rank highly relevant, credible and trusted websites much better than lower quality websites. More traffic to legal .MUSIC sites via search engines means less traffic to unlicensed websites.

        Other marketing campaigns will include working with country and region-focused music export offices, ministries of culture, music councils, music information centers and our supporting music organizations to promote music talent from across the globe.

        Our organization will also power the DotMusic Foundation (non-profit organization) to deliver our mission to the global music community: The DotMusic Mission for .MUSIC is focused on furthering the common interest shared by its global music community it serves: the legal promotion and distribution of music. Its purpose is:

        – Creating a trusted, safe online haven for music consumption and licensing
        – Establishing a safe home on the Internet for Music Community members
        – Protecting intellectual property and fighting piracy
        – Supporting musiciansʹ welfare, rights and fair compensation
        – Promoting music and the arts, cultural diversity and music education
        – Following a multi-stakeholder approach of fair representation of all types of global music constituents, without discrimination, including both commercial and non-commercial entities

        While many do not put a lot on emphasis on purpose, we believe it is critical because we are community-based. Of course, since the board is multi-stakeholder representing all interests (commercial, non-commercial and amateur), any community member under .MUSIC will be able to contribute on issues relating to policy-making.

        Thanks again!

    • Troglite

      Color me impressed. I will happily support your application with ICANN!

      I am especially interested in solving many of the challenges that the failed Global Repertoire Database project was intended to address.

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    Hey there.

    At Digital Music News, we’re continuing to build the most important, influential, and meaningful publication for the music industry. We’re now the most-widely read, but it’s sobering to see how vast the market for us is, both in the US and worldwide, and part of that is a function of just how quickly this industry is changing and fragmenting. A lot of people leave, and so many fresh faces enter (our demographic is shifting heavily younger, I think a function of this change and the type of industry that music is).

    So on one level, we have to ask ourselves, what is the music industry today, anyway? Then, our challenge is the serve our theoretical answer.

    Hope you’ll keep building with us!


    • Anonymous

      More news with reliable facts and information. Fewer rants from Ari (instant improvement: whatever he writes, cut it to 1/10 of the length).

      Deceptive titles (or just plain lies) get you a spike in traffic , but it doesn’t help your reputation when people come here and then have to visit other sites for actual information.

  5. Vail, CO

    Thanks DMN.

    I live for the Vail music scene, and hope to grow it into a much greater community for creativity and the artists, specifically for musicians. Come drop by our great city, and help out our cafes and street musicians, to make this an even greater music city!

    Watch out SXSW!

  6. J.Twi5t

    I represent Augsburg College in Minneapolis. This year I am attempting to bring Walk the Moon and another group to my school to save a dying tradition among the students. That being said, since they asked for a crazy amount of money, many people in the administration feel that my idea to ticket to the general public is not going to make up the revenue needed to bring the acts. Any tips or ideas on how to help me find the money to make this happen? I also haven’t started negotiation with the agents. Any tips on how to negotiate for the price I need as a buyer?


    • Sarah

      Depending on the nature of the event, you might be able to get sponsorships from local businesses. They pay cash to be a sponsor, and then they can sell (drinks, food, etc) at the event.

      Another option: crowdfunding/social media. I assume you’re an employee of the college – maybe you shouldn’t be the one asking. Get the students to ask the bands to come play over twitter or instagram or whatever, and/or try crowdfunding the event. The band needs to have existing fans among the students for this to work.

      Work with local businesses and figure out a way to add a charity component to the event. An event that benefits a popular/important cause is typically more appealing than events that don’t. If they discount their fees to perform at a charitable event, maybe they can claim the difference as a charitable donation for tax purposes (obviously talk to a tax atty about this one first).

      Just throwing out the first ideas that come to mind…. Good luck! :)

      • Troglite

        Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should feel confident when attempting to negotiate with the agent. First, its 100% expected. Second, guarantees for college shows are notoriously high. Most agents/bands assume the college has $ to spend, similar to how corporate events are often perceived.

        I would also emphasize Sarah’s points. Any of those items would give you additional leverage when negotiating with both the agent and the college administration. For example, if you can demonstrate a large enthusiastic fan base for the band already exists, that should lower the perceived risk for both the band and the administration (the band may agree to take less and the college may agree to consider non-traditional revenue sources).

        Finally, I would encourage you to target more than one act. It will increase your own leverage and credibility. It will give you a fall back strategy in case “walk the moon” proves to be impractical booking. And it may push you to evaluate other options (e.g. what bands might breakout within 12 – 24 months to become the NEXT “walk the moon”).

        • J.Twi5t

          I’ll do some brainstorming on this. Thanks for the tips!

    • Wade Lagrone

      Well, you could always use RABBL, which is a great way to prove demand for a show–it’s a bit like Kickstarter, but for concerts. Drop us a line at help (at) –wade

  7. tcooke

    got business degree (finance) -university of houston -2001; saw it was not for me;like accountant, analyst or stock broker. buddy had been feeding me dj compilations from global underground label- found my purpose- sound painting- music programming- beats. LA-2009 my latest craftiness appears here

  8. Dave Bradley

    Working on promoting a triple A-side single…hahaha…a metaphysical music construct of acrostic acoustic and eclectic electric indie pop-funk-rock-jazz-folk. You could say it’s a bit on the fusion side…

    Oh, it’s called Life, Love, and Lonicera, although you can shuffle those comes and the word order:

    Love life and lonicera, lovelife and lonicera, love lonicera and life etc etc


  9. Dave

    I’m working on making myself better everyday. I sing over instrumentals, play acoustic, write and I engineer. Evidently, being musically inclined needs to be maintained and always can use some perking up. Even though I am experienced I am finally just starting to release some of my stuff. Check it out and feel free to message me about anything!!

  10. RR Music

    Happy 4th of July America!….. America’s got a new hit Summer Anthem for the USWNT!!!

    Wait for it in

    video will be posted soon. The anthem is great and we are looking for funding.


    Happy 4th of July America!!!! We created an Amazing Song. America’s got a new hit Summer Anthem for the USA and for the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

    With over 100,000 video views in less than two weeks, this track was inspired by the U.S. Women’s National Team as they go for America’s 3rd World Cup on July 5th, 2015. One day after 4th of July.

    Undefeated, one more win and the U.S. wins the World Cup 2015.

    Check out the track below.

    Coming from a tiny tiny label, this is an amazing motivational track that pays tribute to a nation.

    Our Next 3 steps to move forward:

    1) We are looking to write for other artists and sell some of our songs. If we can make a Women’s soccer track exciting, we are excited to see what else we can do when working with other artists. You can email us at for writing gigs.

    2) We are looking for funding to create even larger projects. Our budget for the World Cup song was not even 5k. Imagine what we could do with a 5k or 10k budget. You can email us at for funding opportunities.

    3) We are looking for strategic partnerships with other artists, brands and websites. Doing things together, with the right alliances, we can collab and create successful projects. You can email us at for partnership opportunities.

      • Song Writingsquad

        Hi Anonymous,

        Appreciate all feedback….both good and bad as it helps you grow. What’s awful about it? The beat, the lyrics, not your genre of choice? It’s like saying you don’t like a certain food but you never specify if it’s too salty, your’e allergic etc.

        Most youtube users seem to like it so I’d be interested in seeing why your opinion is an outlier. Without any depth can’t evaluate the critique.


  12. Troglite

    I’ll try to make this brief.

    First, this site REALLY needs a stable threaded discussion board if you want to engage with the “readers” with this type of community-fed dialogue. The lifetime of these topics is much larger than the headlines on DMN.

    I personally come to this web site to help me figure out where music fits into my life and career. Sharing my background may help clarify that statement.

    I am a life-long musician. Conservatory trained in Music Industry and Arts Management.

    In the 90’s, I started a musician’s co-op as an off shoot of a small vanity record label. I loved helping great musicians advance their careers. More than half of the acts I chose to work with eventually signed with a major label. We covered a lot of bases… everything from advertising in national magazines, radio promotions, booths at all the major trade shows, touring, mail orders and eventually, this strange new thing called “the web”. I met great people. I promoted great music. The experience was priceless. Of course, I was also still working in restaurants to pay the bills. :)

    I gave up on “the music industry” as a career for a variety of reasons. Building web sites turned into building commercial software. I currently manage one of the largest cloud-based content management platforms with data centers around the globe.

    I have been woodshedding consistently for the past several years. I am preparing to embark on some recording sessions with the intention of playing some shows for the first time in more than a decade.

    I’ve been watching the impact that the Internet has had on the music industry for almost 20 years now. I believe we are reaching an important turning point that will determine the pace and direction of future innovations. I believe musicians should have a strong influence on those topics. I believe the culture of Silicon Valley represents both opportunities and threats to the ability to monetize music in a way that benefits society as a whole. I also believe that ignorance among musicians contributes to how we have gotten to where we are and inhibits true innovation and disruption from occurring more rapidly.

    So, in all honesty.. I am trying to figure out if there is a compelling opportunity to positively change the music industry.. compelling enough to motivate me to give up my “safe” corporate job. Or, should I just focus on my own music. Most days, I lean toward the latter. :)

    • Sarah

      Thanks for sharing your background. Hope you’ll keep us updated on the results of your recording session.

      p.s. I agree – based on the comment sections here and the huge issues in play, I think adding a stable threaded discussion board would be an excellent move. You’d need to let it be anonymous, though, so people could share information without fear of repercussions.

      • Troglite

        Thanks Sarah. I’ve enjoyed our brief exchanges on DMN. I would love to learn more about what you do, too. If you’re so inclined, please feel free to contact me at gmail at anytime.

        • Sarah

          Thanks! We’re actually in the process of uploading content and setting up artist profiles before we open the site publicly, so there should be something for you to check out soon.

          I’d love to chat. Is your email troglite at gmail?

          • Troglite

            Sounds great!

            And yes… you decoded the spam thwarting representation of my email address correctly. :)

  13. Remi Swierczek

    I am plugged in for to long! My simple solution, conversion of Radio and streaming to $100B+ music store, requires engagement of Larry Page and Google.

    Any one out there who drinks beer with Larry!
    We can double Google as we create normal and healthily $100B music industry.

    Clueless Cue converted by UMG boys to Ek’s religion will only accelerate music suicide. We accelerating the speed of shrinkage of $100B of obvious to an idiot music goodwill to just $20B of subscription and advertising ashes in 2025.

  14. More?

    Can you tell us more about the status of folks who have recently attempted to have their Copyrights revert?

      • Lyle David Pierce III

        Please accept my apology if I have offended you in any way as that was not my intent. Accordingly, I have taken the time to further research the matter and have attached the links below for your perusal, as well as added a few more thoughts which will hopefully further clarify matters.


        I have previously noted the legislation regarding the relationship between the record labels and the recording artists and my thoughts (as well as the thoughts of others) in that regard in prior posts so I will not add any further comments at this point in time, nevertheless, what I will say at this time is that it appears that this particular piece of legislation deals more-or-less with the publisher and songwriting relationship (or, at the very least, adds a further touch of clarity to that relationship).

        As this particular topic of discussion which you raised in your post deals with 1970’s legislation, and as I have previously drawn attention to the United States Supreme Court decision of Harper & Row v. Nation Enterprises, 471 U.S. 539 (1985), I believe I should direct attention to the passage enunciated therein at para. 14, “The Copyright Act does not support this proposition.”

        The Fader article linked above further links to Wikipedia which provides further clarity to the purpose of the provisions of the 1976 Copyright Act and particularly as follows, in part:

        “Subject matter of Copyright
        . . .
        The wording of section 102 is significant mainly because it effectuated a major change in the mode of United States copyright protection. Under the last major statutory revision to U.S. copyright law, the Copyright Act of 1909, federal statutory copyright protection attached to original works only when those works were 1) published and 2) had a notice of copyright affixed. State copyright law governed protection for unpublished works before the adoption of the 1976 Act, but published works, whether containing a notice of copyright or not, were governed exclusively by federal law. If no notice of copyright was affixed to a work and the work was, in fact, ‘published’ in a legal sense, the 1909 Act provided no copyright protection and the work became part of the public domain. Under the 1976 Act, however, section 102 says that copyright protection extends to original works that are fixed in a tangible medium of expression. Thus, the 1976 Act broadened the scope of federal statutory copyright protection from ‘published’ works to works that are ‘fixed.”


        “Transfer of copyright
        . . .
        Section 204 of the Act governs the transfer of ownership of copyrights. The section requires a copyright holder to sign a written instrument of conveyance that expressly transfers ownership of the copyright to the intended recipient for a transfer to be effective. Prior case law on this issue was conflicting, with some cases espousing a rule similar to section 204 and others reaching a quite different conclusion. In the 1942 New York case Pushman v. New York Graphic Society, for example, the court held that although a copyright in a work is distinct from a property right in a copy of the work, where the only existing copy of the work is transferred, the copyright is transferred along with the copy, unless expressly withheld by the author. Section 202 of the 1976 Act retains the property right/copyright distinction, but section 204 eliminates the inconsistent common law by assuming that the copyright is withheld by the author unless it is expressly transferred.” [Footnotes omitted.]

        Hence, the importance of the “right of first publication” and the condition precedent that a work be “fixed” prior to coming within the meaning of the Copyright Act. Indeed, if a work is not yet “fixed” as the author is exercising the common law right of first publication because, for example, “[t]he period encompassing the work’s initiation, its preparation, and its grooming for public dissemination is a crucial one for any literary endeavor … [and in light of] the common law’s concern [as well as the constitutional guarantee enshrined in Article I, § 8, of the Constitution which “secur[es] for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries”] that the author or copyright owner [if there is a contract assigning the rights to, for example, a publisher] retain control throughout this critical stage”, it is not yet a work within the meaning of the Copyright Act, especially if it has not yet been expressly transferred.

        I am not a lawyer, nevertheless, I hope this was helpful and will further the research.


    1. Encouraging music lovers to download vs. stream
    2. I’m working on an album of Chinese-tinged folk electronica. It will be released next year. Video
    3. I’m assembling my team to make this album come to life onscreen and onstage!

  16. Joe from Tune Dogs

    I’m working with business partners to create a new music library that blends what we feel are the benefits of “exclusive” representation with the easy of “royalty-free”. Tune Dogs – The producer’s best friend.

    We are in beta phase and have received much support from other musicians and producers. We are a “Fair Trade” music licensing model with transparency in both our catalog and our pricing. For producers of media, we offer services found with top boutique libraries. We help search and select tracks (music supervision) and we help refit those to the media (music editing). For composers, we manage all of the tracking and back-end paperwork required to receive performance royalties… and we never undermine their earning ability through blanket deals! All our composers receive a percentage of blanket licensing based on the use of their music.

    It’s boutique, fair trade, music licensing based that offers the protection of exclusive content without the complexity.

    Email us via the contact form to submit music or for assistance in finding the best track for any media production.

  17. Blake Carpenter

    Hello DMN!

    I have a company called Rock My Records. I am developing a mobile app and have a patent pending status on a technology that could revolutionize how we see and interact with the music industry.

    I have addressed some of the underlining issues we face including an over-saturated market, incorrect pricing based off of perceived value, an overly complicated way to find success, and most of all music not being fun anymore.

    I can’t tell you much at the moment, but here is what I CAN tell you.

    The app is going to digitize the entire music industry including all branches like management, labels, publishing, booking, ect.. and work it into a seamless process on the app.

    Also, you will see digital music become social. After all that’s what makes people excited and what I have patent pending status on.

    And the most difficult piece to the puzzle, is the crypto currency being developed JUST for the app. Buying music is going to feel more like an iOS game.

    Those are some hints, and we will be releasing more throughout the year leading up to our press release.

    Check us out,

    The best part? This new business model puts the power in the hands of the consumer, and every single person has power over what happens in your local and global scene.

    Your solution awaits you, follow me to the finish line guys. I promise you will like what you find.

    • Anonymous

      You have a patent pending on “digital music becoming social”? Would love to see that patent.

  18. Carly Chang

    I am a business student (minoring in Music Industry) so I hear about a lot of new business. Anyway, my friends and I just started listening to a new Pandora-style social music service called Cliqmusic. Pretty cool.

  19. Christopher Esclapez

    Hi Paul & everyone reading DMN!

    My name is Christo, based in London, working for an online music education company called – it’s an online marketplace for music courses from top artists & education partners.
    Students can watch pre-recorded courses from inspiring teachers and also get 1-on-1 feedback.

    We’re actually fund-raising at the moment and it’s going really well:
    If you’re a business angel looking to invest, don’t hesitate getting in touch!

    The service is live and we have a great team, partners, revenue.
    Happy to tell you more, please reach out.

  20. Jon Owen

    @Paul & DMN – Thanks for this post. Lots of good info here.

    @Outre Lights – I dig it!!!
    @Hans – “In the Words of Bob” could be fun. Keep us posted.
    @Carly – I just joined Cliqmusic. It’s like Pandora only social with better music. I’ll look to cliq with you. Thanks.

  21. Muxxix | All Music, Anywhere

    Muxxix is a 100% free music streaming service. Whether you’re looking for music for your workout or just need something to relax your mood you can listen to millions of songs without having to purchase and download a file. You can create your own playlist, radio station or just let Muxxix surprise you with music based on your choices. Become a member and you’ll be able to manage up to five playlists… and remember it’s FREE!


    Create Your Own Playlist
    Search for any artist or song, and create your own playlist of songs that you want to hear.

    As a Discovery Engine
    The Create Radio feature plays music similar to what you already like (by artist or song). As with Pandora, you never know what tracks will line up next. But, unlike Pandora, you can skip as many songs as you like.

    Listen to the Radio
    Muxxix includes 20 radio stations in various musical genres from Country to Latin to Top 40. Just like stations on your FM dial, these stations are human curated and come complete with DJs and some commercials.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Let the streaming begin.


    • Anonymous

      Dear Muxxix,
      I suspect your site is highly illegal. You may want to have a US copyright lawyer review your operation before Taylor Swift and the good people at UMG shut you down.

    • Troglite

      Marketing 101, know your audience. Most of us are more interested in how you pay the songwriters and performers. A good portion of DMN’s readership is likely to approach any “free” music service with caution and skepticism. So, pushing this point within this community is actually counterproductive.

      So, how do you compensate songwriters and performers? :)

  22. Craig

    Hello (belatedly) all DMN’ers. Name is Craig – been in the interactive music space for 15 years. Built Looplabs.

    Looplabs is a collaborative cloud based music studio that lets anyone, regardless of technical skills or ability, easily make professional quality music anywhere, anytime and with anyone. For Free.

    Make music. Together. In the cloud.

    Seeking artists/producers who believe the future of music is interactive and interested in having their content on the platform. In private beta. Big news soon.

    say hello. would love to connect with anyone interested in this idea

  23. Nissl

    I’m working on a website called Sparkmesh.

    The site is designed to make it easier for music fans to keep up with everything their favorite artists are doing online. It’s a real-time, quickly navigable repository of links to an artist’s entire career of works regardless of what site they’re posted on. Check out the Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Phish, Grateful Dead, One Direction, and/or Little Mix pages for an early taste of what I hope the site will eventually be for every artist. Not a fan of those artists? Hop in and collaborate with other fans to build up your favorite artist’s page – anyone can sign up and contribute!

    I built Sparkmesh because I found it really draining trying to keep up with all the artists I liked online. Twitter announcements were getting buried in a massive pile of unrelated tweets, Facebook announcements generally got filtered by the algorithm before reaching me, and I didn’t want to spend many hours putting myself on a hundred email lists. Forget even beginning to keep up with promo tours and live performances uploaded by the hosting TV/radio station or filming fans on a wide range of sites.

    Hopefully Sparkmesh will help fans find all the stuff their favorite artists have out there much more quickly. You can also subscribe to a merged weekly email update for all the artists you’re interested in to make things even more convenient!

    Anyway, I’d love it if people would be willing to take a few minutes out of their busy day to check out the site and give me some feedback! Frankly, I’m about a week away from finishing off a UI redesign in response to a first round of feedback, but most of the improvements are already live (and starting to drive a traffic increase!) and this post went up today so I thought I’d hop on!

    I’d really love to hear from artists in particular. How can I make the site more convenient for you? I’m hoping that you can reach fans more quickly and directly through the site than via social media, not to mention keep them better engaged over time. I also hope the site will help prevent you from being tied to any particular site, allowing more freedom to experiment with different creation and revenue models. Let me know if you think the site might be useful in reaching those goals!

  24. Allison Shaw

    Hi folks,

    You are all touting your companies and at some point, you’ll want people to help you with those deals and brand awareness and be a brand ambassodor for you, out on the road, networking, making the intros that lead to deals, so I am gonna plug what I am working on. Brand strategy plain and simple. I am in the music and music technology space and have actually worked for some of you posting here. I can do deals with music services/artists/labels/brands/sponsorships etc and also launch cool brand activations for consumer engagement and awareness. I also much more so if you want to inquire about my services email

    Also, DMN is a great resource to get the word out about your brand!!


  25. Matt Sikora

    We are and we create light up phone and laptop cases that respond to the sound of music, voice and ringtone. We license images of all types ranging from music images to sports teams and the images light up to the sound that surrounds you. It’s the ultimate medium for self expression on your mobile device. We pitched at EDMbiz in Las Vegas last month and we are pre selling our cases on Kickstarter later in July. We appreciate feedback and any suggestions moving forward. You can sign up on our website or on Facebook to learn more.

  26. ItMusic.Us

    Improving my music streaming and distribution site… which is totally free for artists and listeners as well as having lossless audio.

  27. Ritch Esra

    Working on developing a Music Business Channel on YouTube – – Music Business Television.
    The concept for it is to educate artists and to provide valuable Inside Information from Music Industry Professionals in various fields. Our ultimate goal is to become the CNN for the Music Industry.

  28. Wooly

    I’m working on a book of flawed articles that have been posted on DMN. It’s huge.