‘New Music Fridays’ Starts NOW, Whether You Like it Or Not…

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New music will officially come out on Fridays in 45 countries, starting tomorrow July 9th. The switch is the result of a decision made by the IFPI.

While most independents agreed that we need a global release day in this digital world, many didn’t think Friday was the best choice. The IFPI was accused of coming to a decision with the major labels and RIAA, ignoring the opinions of independents.

Let’s revisit some of the statements that were made.

Martin Mills, Founder and Chairman of Beggars Group:

“Whilst I acknowledge the needs of a digital world for coordination, it seems to me to be crazy to throw away one of the trading week’s two peaks, and the ability to re-stock and rectify errors before the week’s second peak.


“A2IM supports the concept of a Global Street Date but for a variety of business reasons as spelled out in our previous comments there are a number of business hurdles that make Fridays less than an optimal date for the United States marketplace and Independents in particular.

Lohan Presencer, CEO of Ministry Of Sound:

“As far as we can tell this is an initiative driven by the US majors, it doesn’t even necessarily have the support of some of their UK counterparts. Yet again major biased initiatives are driven through our business without proper consideration of their impact, we are not surprised.

Martin Goldschmidt, founder of Cooking Vinyl: “That was only a ‘consultation’ if the new dictionary definition of ‘to consult’ is ‘to tell to f*ck off’.”


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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    From the new music fridays website:

    “Albums and singles are now released worldwide on Fridays from 10th July 2015. This means fans around the world can experience, talk about and enjoy new music at the same time as each other every week.”

    Except the music is released at 00:01 (or 12:01 am) local time…. someone in Sydney still gets the music more than half a day before someone in LA…. so “fans around the world” CANNOT “experience, talk about and enjoy new music at the same time as each other.”

    • David

      Most people aren’t hyped enough about music anymore to the point where a few hours makes a difference. People in Sydney may get the music “first” while L.A. is sleeping. Big whoop. People have to wake up first. People who are eager enough for music don’t sit there in the middle of the night hoping to get at it first (ooh, let’s see if we can pirate this within ten seconds after release!), they just preorder it, wake up, go to work, and by the time they get home voila! People who pirate, pirate because they’re parasites who don’t want to work for what they get.