David Guetta Subjected a Live Horse to His Native American Themed Club Party

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Here’s video footage of David Guetta’s “Fuck Me I’m Famous” opening party at Pacha Ibiza at the end of May…



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  1. john

    also who is deadmau5, also a rich hype driven cunt, to talk shit about any other button pusher.

    • GGG

      The refreshing thing about Deadmau5 is he’ll be the first person to tell you he’s a button pusher. He even made a blog post maybe 2 years ago saying that most of what he’s doing on stage is working the visuals. Having said that, his work load is in the studio. If you still can’t over the fact that that’s what DJs do, I dunno what to tell you. But you’ll save yourself a lot of stress if you just realize that you can separate what live musicians do and what DJs do.

      • Hey

        I really don’t care for Deadmaus’s music, but he does know his stuff, technically at least. And he does write ( and mix ) all his music. Live..well..electronic music has always been difficult to recreate on stage anyway.
        Guetta on the other hand doesn’t know shit. After being successful as a DJ, he is trying to pass for a musician ( while all his “music” is actually composed by ghost writers ) for whatever reason…

      • There is something...

        Well, DJs USED to actually also work on stage, you know with things like “reading the crowd” and “selecting the right song to play next”… I’m not here to put the blame on Guetta or Deadmau5, they do what they have to, but just “pushing the play button” is not what DJs used to do.

        • GGG

          Well sure, but reading the crowd/selecting the right song is a lot less relevant when they are there to see you. Everyone (for the most part) at a Deadmau5 show knows who he is/his music, so they know what to expect. It’s not like he’s DJing clubs and needs to win over the crowd to sell his mix tapes haha.

          • There is something...

            Yeah but, they don’t play their music only… There was a time not so far where top DJ still had the hunger to make you discover some cool stuff between their own tracks… And different tracks every night.
            At least that’s how it used to work in Europe. Maybe that’s a US trend, I don’t know…

    • Rickshaw

      Interesting to see comments posted by people who know nothing about what they write.

  2. Paul Resnikoff

    I see how that might suck for the horse, though I’m not a horse. Overall I think it’s probably a lot better overall for horses than let’s say, 100+ years ago, or any time previous to that when they were a primary source of transportation, farming, and other hard labor.

    I don’t know, I’m a little more worried about massive income inequality, racial inequality and police brutality/militarization in the US, economic instability, destabilization in the Middle East, and massive water shortages in California. Just saying.

  3. Horse

    fuck yeah dude horses are fuckin RAD! dedmause5 and all the hippie bitches need to stfu

    getta probly got it for the ketmin or some shit NE way


  4. Guetta urheadouttaura$$

    …. not to mention – this is the same as performing in blackface.

    • Vail, CO

      It seems different. In fact, you could argue that headdresses honor the legacy of Native Americans.

  5. Jalen Smallcanyon

    Honestly this is insulting to Native Americans. We are not a costume, we are humans. This is what ruins our pride. Majority of people need to realize that we are actual humans, we are not from Hollywood movies. That is disrespectful for a half naked woman to be wearing a long headdress. She did not earn those feather on that headdress.

  6. AP

    Unfortunate for the horses and all, but how is no one calling out the blatant appropriation of Native American culture by a rich White Man?