Bkstg Raises $20 Million to Create a Social Network for Artists…

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Bkstg, a soon-to-be launched app that will give artists direct access to fans, has raised $20 million. Investors include Global Group, Mark Cuban Companies, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Deep Fork Capital, Live Nation, Modest! Management, Three Six Zero Group, and Scooter Braun Projects.

The app will be captained by former CMO of AOL Erika Nardini and former head of AOL video operations Ran Harnevo.  A major part of the Bkstg model includes constructing a new, artist-focused social network, one that would attempt to solve issues artists encounter on established hangouts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Bkstg is scheduled to launch at the end of the year. It will include the social platform as well as video, ticket, and merch sales. 

This idea is hardly groundbreaking, simply because artists typically connect to fans on platforms that are already popular, like Snapchat and Twitter. Attempts to force a social music platform to work haven’t been very successful so far. MySpace worked because users were already there for non-music social aspects.



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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    How can Live Nation be that stupid… nobody wants another MySpace.

    • Pete

      “MySpace worked because users were already there for non-music social aspects.” <- Excellent point!

  2. scorn100

    Huh? $20 mil. Is ReverbNation, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and about a dozen “artist platforms” already in existence not enough. What are the issues that BkStg hope to solve that are so important that it would entice artists to move?

  3. Gare

    anyone who has worked with erika nardini knows she is the first one to leave when the ship starts sinking… which based on this premise should be in early 2016…