David Guetta Says He Didn’t Torture That Horse at His Racist “Fuck Me I’m Famous” Show…

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David Guetta and Pacha Ibiza brought a live horse to the offensive Native American themed opening of “Fuck Me I’m Famous”. Here’s their response to criticism…

David Guetta’s representative tells Page Six:

“A horse appeared for three minutes — owned by a vet — and with full ear protection and security at the opening. Just like Bianca Jagger at Studio 54. The club is too busy now. So no horse.

In a statement, Pacha Ibiza said:

“There has been a lot of on-line commentary on the theme of a club night held on the party island of Ibiza this week. We sincerely apologise, no offense was intended. Regarding animal safety concerns, the horse stunt was a fully trained performing artist owned by a vet. It had ear protection plus experts on-site to handle. The time inside the entrance of the club lasted less than five minutes, during which it had a dozen security. The appearance happened weeks ago and as it was a special thing for the residency opening, is no longer part of the show – not in connection to any protest or online petition.

18 Responses

  1. horse

    fuck yeah dude i bet that hors was high as shit bitch!!!

  2. Dog of Tears

    It’s still about the horse, not the rampant Native American “blackface”?

    • Gotta End

      +1 on this… can’t believe in light of so many people spreading the word and educating… as you said – this equivalent of Native American “blackface” is still going on… and just getting swept aside!

  3. Thérèse os something...

    Lol, so now it’s a racist show ? DMN click bait technics are becoming more and more interesting…

    • AP

      What are you finding difficult to understand? DMN got it wrong when the original article was rage directed at the inclusion of the horse while avoiding the discussion of blatant cultural appropriation.

      • There is something...

        Cultural appropriation… Lol, so you can’t do any thematic party anymore with that kind of thinking… And you would have to ban almost all carnivals across Europe…

        • AP

          Depends. Want to do a pirate, zombie, horse, etc themed party, have fun.

          With regard to this specific party, people need to be aware that unless you understand the cultural significance of something that isn’t yours (i.e. Native American Headdresses), it is racist to exploit and appropriate for your own means.

          By taking something like the headdress and applying to a party which in no way benefits the community from which it was stolen, one clearly does not understand its sacred significance.

          • There is something...

            So what ? We really live in a world that is WAY too much sensitive. I have absolutely NO problem when other cultures use European cultural or religious symbols. And it happens a lot, especially in Asia. I never felt insulted or anything. Can I call myself openminded then ?

          • ScourgeGainsbourg

            Define “European culture.” It’s a big continent.

            I also notice that Europeans don’t seem to be vanishing from the face of the Earth as a people because of the actions of foreign invaders, who happen to have been overwhelmingly European. Funny that, eh?

          • There is something...

            Dude, I said “symbols”. You know, with a “S” so it’s valid for many different cultures all across Europe.

            And don’t make me lough: Americans are proud to be Americans, but when it’s about who’s spoiling Native Americans, they’re suddenly “Europeans” ? That’s too easy.

          • AP

            Who are you to tell others what they can or cannot be offended by? You do understand that racism is very much a power structure, right? White Europeans have NOTHING to lose while those groups of color have always been those being taken from.

          • There is something...

            “White Europeans have NOTHING to lose while those groups of color have always been those being taken from.”

            That’s pure discrimination. There are many minorities among white Europeans, based on culture, language and religion. You have white cultural minorities for example in France or Spain, many eastern Europe countries. Obviously, you take only what you want to see and forget that we all have a culture, religion or traditions we want to protect but that other people are using for entertainment purpose. If everyone that use someone culture for entertainment purpose is a “racist”, then almost everyone is. Or you can just open your mind a little and see the world isn’t black or white…

      • Nina Ulloa

        i definitely did not avoid the subject of cultural appropriation. i included it, even though guetta (& deadmau5 in the previous article i liked) are only talking about the horse.

        • There is something...

          US entertainment business is all filled with cultural appropriation. It takes cultural and religious symbols, past and present, from all over the world with no respect for historical accuracy. And Guetta should be labeled a “racist” because he did the exact same thing ? So by your standards, are the Village People racists ?

          • AP

            Now you’re getting it. As the world evolves and becomes more diverse, the sensitivities of other groups become more visible and necessary to keep in mind.

          • There is something...

            And then the world will be boring as hell ? Sorry but no, that’s not something we need…

          • AP

            ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Likely the same notion said by those defending performance by white actors in blackface.