We’re Not Dead! Rhapsody Hits 3 Million Paying Subscribers…

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Rhapsody’s losses increased between 2012 and 2014. Looking at the graph trend, it seems that 2015 is headed towards another catastrophic loss.

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But don’t worry! Rhapsody has more subscribers!

Rhapsody (and its subsidiary Napster) now have 3 million subscribers worldwide. A year ago, the services had 2 million subscribers, so they’ve grown by about a million in a year.

The company says mobile listening is up 60 percent from a year ago, though that reflects a problem: a giant chunk of Rhapsody’s growth is happening through bundled mobile deals, which yield far less money for services.

Offline listening is also up by almost 60 percent from six months ago.


Image by David Burke, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 (CC by 2.0).

8 Responses

  1. Name2

    That’s a shame. I’m trying to slim down on the number of all-i-can-eat music services, as I currently subscribe (with money) to 3 and obviously, there’s a lot of overlap there. But not as much as one might think. As I try to laboriously shrink my Rhapsody library down title by title as I “replace” them with titles in Spotify and/or Napster, I’m seeing a big problem in one of my favorite genres: classical guitar. Dozens of my Rhapsody library guitar titles have no correspondent on either of the other two services. Even big names like Sharon ibsin – only three (IIRC) titles on Tidal.

    Even worse, one of the two services (I forget which) streams the titles – even offline downloads – at an abysmally unlistenable rate. As for Tidal, they seem to have a strange server problem. Every time I try to stream a title from the Naxos library, the software helpfully asks if I’m behind a firewall. Funny how I have “firewall” problems when I try to access titles from one particular label. I call shenanigans, but I’m still months away from dumping Rhapsody. Too many exclusives.

  2. Name2

    Should also mention that of the three, Rhapsody’s mobile software is the most awesome. Many’s the day I regret choosing to put Rhapsody on the chopping block when I have to deal with Spotify’s concepts of “sync”, “offline” and (dear God) “queue”.

    • Anonymous

      Rhapsody has in my opinion has always been superior to Spotify. The mobile app is better. The catalog is better. The genre radio stations are better (their custom stations suck but so does Spotify’s). The editorial content isn’t even in the same universe. The desktop player was way better. Was….

      I actually really miss Rhapsody. But as I have mentioned before Rhapsody PC 6 was enough to break off my long term subscription. Less IS NOT more. I really wish the company had maintained Rhapsody 4. Had they naturally upgraded the software through the years they would have had by far the best product on the market today.

  3. Anonymous

    A 1 million subscriber gain would be impressive if they added 1 million customers all on their own. But I imagine the vast majority of these customers were added through their wireless partnerships. The margins are not good to say the least nor are the customers loyal to Rhapsody. A good chunk probably don’t even use the service. I would be surprised if this company was around in a couple years without being acquired.

  4. Matt Bunsen

    I like Rhapsody a lot more than Spotify, plus I believe they are less greedy… They into the game too soon and therefore didnt get the huge publicity…

  5. Marty

    Rhapsody always had so much promise – but they just can’t pull it together. I’ve subscribed over 6 years but it has always been a love / hate relationship. The software is user unfriendly and version 6 in my opinion is no better. At least it doesn’t appear as buggy as older versions, but can someone please show these guys how to create a good user interface?

  6. MarkJ

    Rhapsody reigns supreme among streaming services and apps. Period! I’ve been a using subscriber since day 1 starting 2003 (as Pay Napster) and without interruption into the present-day Rhapsody name. I’ve also paid simultaneous streaming services with three paid services active at one time. The other two, Google Play and Spotify, by comparison don’t stack up to Rhapsody’s overall selection, So, 13 yrs later I’m a diehard Rhapsody fan!!! I pray, yes literally pray, Rhapsody continues for another 15-30 yrs!!!