Competitors Spotify and Beatport Decide to Team Up…

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SFX Entertainment-owned Beatport has partnered with Spotify. Beatport will distribute exclusive music and video content to Spotify, including music exclusive to Beatport and SFX programming.

This is a little weird, since Beatport has their own free streaming service which is meant to attract more users.

But Beatport will gain distribution to a wider audience with this partnership, and Spotify will have trendy new EDM content.  Indeed, Spotify’s inability to properly license EDM has proven to be a huge Achille’s Heel against the likes of YouTube and SoundCloud, both of whom have amassed huge collections of DJ mixes, live sets, and mash-ups through loopholed rights structures.  In the case of SoundCloud, the royalty-free party could end soon, though Google has a war chest in the billions to defend a controversial, DMCA-powered upload-and-takedown approach to rights licensing.

Beatport says they are negotiating other distribution partnerships as well, though none at this scale.


Nina Ulloa covers breaking news, tech, and more: @nine_u