WTF: Prince Premieres Exclusive Song on Spotify…

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Earlier this month, Prince pulled his music off almost every streaming service except TIDAL, which he has taken a liking to.

Prince has notoriously been anti-streaming and anti-Spotify, pulling his music off of services and posting articles about the low payouts artists get from streaming. But now, I’m not really sure what his position is.

Here is Prince’s latest tweet…



4 Responses

    • Anonymous

      Best comment I’ve ever seen on DMN. Hands down.

  1. DavidB

    No doubt Spotify have payed him a massive fee for the exclusive. Which is good tactics, but terrible strategy, as from here to eternity they will never be able to complain if any other streaming service (hint: it grows on trees) pays for an exclusive.

  2. FarePlay

    Erratic genius or just plain crazy? Can’t help but imagine that Prince has taken a serious financial hit like all artist who used to get meaningful checks from recorded music sales and don’t tour constantly.