Native Instruments’ “New” Audio Format Goes on Sale…

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In March, Native Instruments announced Stems, a new audio format.

A stem is an individual part of a song, such as drums or bass. Native Instruments has convinced artists to separate their songs into four parts and sell them. DJs using Traktor are able to manipulate each of the four parts of the song independently.

A producer could also buy the stems and use them to remix a song.

Splice responded to Native Instruments’ grand announcement, saying Stems is just an MP4 container format that Apple invented back in 2001.

Native Instruments is limiting Stems to four parts and is compressing the files, but these are arbitrary restrictions. Splice details how to create your own stem MP4 file in higher quality and with more parts. Splice also called for Native Instruments to be open about the specifications of the format, as it seems like there is nothing proprietary about Stems.

Native Instruments is pushing forward with the format. Stems are now for sale on Beatport, Traxsource, and Juno.

4 Responses

    • Tone

      You must be out of the loop. This is HUGE news in the DJ world. It’s a potential game-changer.

      • lol

        No it’s not. “4 wave files” has always existed and major artists aren’t going to start releasing all their stems because NI said so.

      • lol

        No it’s not….artists aren’t going to start releasing all their stems now because NI has a new format.