Two Die at HARD Summer; Government Officials Say EDM Festivals Should be Banned

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Drugs are present at electronic music festivals. Everyone knows it, yet government officials tend to think they can wish away the issue by “banning” drugs. This Prohibition-era climate makes it difficult to educate those who are considering using, leading to higher risk.

HARD Summer took place in Los Angeles this past weekend.  Tragically, two young women died. One was 18 years old and the other 19 years old.

The cause of death hasn’t been released yet, but people are speculating that drugs played a part.

First District Supervisor Hilda L. Solis has already announced that she will put forth a motion to prohibit “these kinds of events” (electronic music festivals) on County owned land, until they get around to conducting an investigation.

Drugs are part of electronic music the same way drugs are part of rock festivals and jam band concerts.  Belligerently drunk individuals are part of sporting events.  So why is electronic music the first to be thrown under the bus?

This issue was heavily discussed at this year’s EDMbiz music conference.  Music festivals in Canada and Europe have an easier time educating festivalgoers, allowing them to know what they are getting themselves into when taking drugs.

Did you know that around 6.2 people die at baseball games every year?  Should we prohibit baseball games until an investigation is conducted?

This isn’t to say that Live Nation, the owner of HARD, is not responsible for the deaths.  Another 19 year old died at HARD Summer last year from an ecstasy overdose.

If Live Nation is going to capitalize on electronic music they have an obligation to make sure that fans have the necessary education and resources to stay safe.


11 Responses

  1. GGG

    How many people took drugs at this thing? hundreds? Thousands? And two died? A PSA on molly wouldn’t have prevented it. It’s not the festival’s fault. If you want to blame anyone, based on my experience at festivals in general, the blame should most likely be the dude(s) who gave two girls who were probably 115 pounds soaking wet, way too much shit. Put them in jail, don’t ban music.

  2. Dave Chappelle

    Kids need harm reduction education. Another casualty of the war on drugs. MDMA is a relatively harmless drug – they probably died of heatstroke.

  3. Brooke Wentz

    A music publisher was promoting his EMD catalog today and had the audacity to say, “Well at least they’re getting killed in style!” Shockingly sick!

  4. Truth

    It’s always the college kids who are overdosing on drugs.

  5. Logic

    It’s both those women’s fault for even partaking in drug use at this event. They couldve enjoyed it with alcohol instead, or even sober since these festivals are already intense. So sad, but it’s not the promoter’s fault and these festivals shouldn’t be banned.

  6. Anders

    Did this writer just compare a baseball game death to a someone dying to a drug overdose?