Apple Ignores Dr. Dre’s Violent Assaults, Runs Ad Campaign for His New Album Instead

Apple doesn’t have time to answer multiple inquiries about executive Andre Young’s history of violently assaulting women. Apple is ignoring  articles detailing his horrific acts.

But they do have time to run paid media campaigns for his new album!

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22 Responses

  1. Mateja

    It’s not Apple’s job to investigate, prosecute or judge people for their crimes.

    • Mr. PC

      We crucify a guy for legally killing a stupid lion, but you want to give this thug a pass for beating women?

      • Anonymous

        He didn’t get a pass, he was convicted and sentenced already many years ago.
        If you’re not happy with it and want him sentenced a second time, then sue him. Apple is not a court of law or Charles Bronson.

      • Tim F.

        One reached the news last week. The other occurred 25 years ago, Dre plead guilty and served for his crime and settled civilly in the first instance, the second instance was also quickly settled by the victim, and the third was his wife who kept it relatively quiet for two decades and seems to be fully at peace with it. Not only did Dre not get a pass but clearly Nina and others here want him to keep paying for it every other day in perpetuity despite his victims having moved on and there being zero evidence of a reoccurrence in the last 20 years.

  2. Dave

    Paul: Spotify and streaming in general
    Nina: Apple and Dr Dre

    Love DMN

  3. Anonymous

    You should just change the name of your website to ADCMN ( Anti-DrDre-Campaign-Music-News ).

    • Universal Indie Records

      Yeah.. boring. Let’s move on. Nothing to see here.

      • Remi Swierczek

        You’re right, Paul and Nina should take Universal on the main burner.
        The creator of current state of the art!

        Universal boys have opened the flood gates to free, semi-free and subscriptions to dwarf land!

  4. Anonymous

    from wikipedia : “Dr. Dre plead no contest and was sentenced to a fine of $2500, 240 hours of community service, and 24 months of probation. ”

    So he was convicted and payed his dues. What do you want more ? Do you think anyone who commited an offense should be condemned to death ( because DMN seems to think anyone convicted of an offense in the past should never be able to work again…typical extreme right-wing thinking ) ?
    Or you were hoping fro public suicide on Youtube ?

  5. Anonymous

    I do not understand this Dr. Dre bashing. He paid his dues and that’s it. You should be glad if he (or Apple) doesn’t come for your ass….

  6. blahblahblah

    Oh, so that’s why he called his company Beats.

  7. Duke

    That’s the way it is these days-It’s all about $$. If You can make us $ we give you a pass on everything. Beat a Woman?..No problem…get caught with an arsenal of guns?…Big deal/ Our culture and society are on such a downward spiral that……Wait I have to look at my Ip[hone-I’ll finish this later

  8. not on my girl, you don't

    Oh, you think it’s cool? “He’s paid his debt to society.” Obviously, the society doesn’t care what happens to a woman… someone’s sister, someone’s mom, someone’s daughter, someone who didn’t deserve being beaten and terrorized. Look, fuck Apple. If that was my child, he’d pay with his life. No one beats on my daughter. NO ONE!

    • Anonymous

      “If that was my child, he’d pay with his life. No one beats on my daughter.”
      Ok, so what are you suggesting, that he should have been sentenced to death ( wich no civilised country practices anymore by the way) ?
      And what if it was your son instead of your daughter that he beat ? Death penalty or it’s cool ? And why would it be different if it was your son ?

    • TMZ-Fox-Music-News

      I guess DMN has now officialy launched a “fatwa” against however they don’t like. Just by reading the comments here, I wouldn’t be suprised if DrDre gets stabbed and murdered by someone encouraged by DMN and the vigilante crazies posting here.
      Low gutter click-and-bait media, that’s what DMN is now.

      I absolutely hated Grooveshark, but I equally hated how DMN seemed to claim victory and revenge by suggesting they pushed him to suicide.

  9. Pushing The Red Button

    Hey DMN, I gotta tell you, even when I kind of agree with you, I’m really starting to loathe your site. The constant barrage of trollish headlines and emotionally-charged opinion pieces masquerading as “digital music news” has gotten completely out of hand. If you want to stay relevant (or God-forbid, informative) then stop following the Fox News model of journalism and get some basic integrity in your writing style

    Quit trying to tell your readers how they should “feel” about issues. Just report the facts honestly and without the slant and they’ll speak for themselves. Otherwise take “news” out of your name because what you’re doing here is anything but. Or I guess you could just call it Fox Digital Music News. That’d be about right…

  10. ade

    every time i see a link bait headline and crap content on DMN i look at who wrote it – 99/100 its the same person…

  11. Anonymous

    Countdown to article on “Loose Cannons” in 3…2…

  12. Tim F.

    It’s bad enough that we have to read the same Dre article every two days, but it’s profoundly absurd that you aren’t even writing anything anymore at this point. It’s one or two sentences with a link to an any of the 40 articles (that are also one or two sentences with a link or two and a screen cap) and maybe a picture.

    If Nina wants to pursue this crusade, she needs to do some journalism. Actually uncover and write something that hasn’t been written before over the last 25 years, explain to me why a 50 year old man should still continue to be held responsible for crimes that he paid for (either criminally or by settling with his victims) 25 years ago, explain to me why I shouldn’t support Apple as a company, even though I’ve been supporting them for 35 years, because they bought a small company that happens to have one man as a figurehead executive and chief investor, explain to me what you think Apple needs to do to “properly” address this, explain to me why Dre and Apple are worthy of vitriol and attention even though virtually every single rap artist I have enjoyed over the last 35 years has committed similar or worse crimes (murder, crack dealing, etc.). Otherwise, you just look stupid, juvenile, and in capable of rational thought.