Executive Shuffles: Spotify, Universal Music Group, Fade to Silence Records


executive Jay Frank
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executive Jay Frank
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Jay Frank

Jared Grusd is the new Chief Executive Officer of The Huffington Post. Grusd was previously Spotify‘s Global Head of Corporate Development and General Counsel.

Paul Bibeau has launched a new label called Fade to Silence Records. Bibeau previously founded Spitfire Records, releasing albums by Alice Cooper, Black Label Society, Dio, and others.

Universal Music Group has hired Jay Frank as Senior Vice President of Global Streaming Marketing. Frank is founder of DigMark and record label DigSign.


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3 Responses

  1. FarePlay

    Second high level defection from Spotify. Typically, if you leave a start-up you lose your equity in the company. Is there a story there, Paul?

    • Name2

      You already know that all of Paul’s “sources” are anti-streaming shills. Why ask such a question? Resnikoff is powerless to produce a story grounded in fact. In the meantime, another $15 from me to Spotify. Ka-CHING!

      • FarePlay

        Anti-streaming or simply pro-artist? You’re rhetoric is embedded in the pirate rant, so a company with a history firmly built on piracy is right up your alley or cave. The single listener, single pay model doesn’t work creating a financial meltdown of what’s left of a business teetering on extinction,